Thursday, March 5, 2009


I grew up on a farm and every summer my mom, sister and I would take trips to the library. I hated those trips! I never could pick out a book. My sister would busily pick out dozens of books and not know which ones to put back, but I always looked and studied and looked some more, hoping to find that perfect book that would take me on a wonderful journey.

After my mother and sister picked out their items, they would stand around waiting and waiting for me to pick out my selection. Finally, the librarian would sternly come up and slap a book in my hand, saying, "Here, read this!"

One day it happened to be - Sue Barton, Student Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston. It was a very old book, copyrighted in 1936. I began reading it and fell in love with the book and the characters. When I was done, I yearned for more. Lucky for me it was a series. There were six more books - Senior Nurse, Visitng Nurse, Rural Nurse, Superintendent of Nurses, Neighborhoold Nurse and Staff Nurse. It went through Sue's whole life including her romance and marriage. I was still sad when the series ended.

This was my first introduction to romance books and partly why I became a romance writer as well. Good books can definitely have an impact on you.

My mom, sister and librarian were all disappointed when the series ended too. The whole fear of picking out a book started all over again and so did the book slapping into my hand.

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