Monday, August 3, 2009


Before the summer gets away from me, I have to talk to you about one thing. Ice cream. My favorite food. So much so that when I was headed off to college my parents bought me a small freezer chest just so I could have my ice cream. I still have that freezer to this day, some (cough, cough) years later.

A very long time ago, I used to go over to my brother’s house and we would watch a movie and have root beer floats. We loved to pack our glasses full of ice cream and then fill whatever little space was left with root beer. It created this wonderfully delicious crystal layer. We then added root beer little by little enjoying the cool sensation. One time my brother and I tamped the ice cream into our Coca cola glasses so hard that one of the glasses broke. We decided we better do a little less tamping. (All that poor ice cream gone to waste.)

The other night I was watching Denzel Washington on a late night guest show. He was telling the host how he had gained forty pounds for his latest movie, Phelm 123. They talked about how easy it is to put on weight but so difficult to take it back off.

Denzel began talking about his love of ice cream and how he still takes a pint of ice cream up to his bedroom to enjoy by himself. He explained how you start around the outside of the container spooning up the delicious cream until you have this ball in the very center. By then you decide you might as well eat the whole thing. You turn the ball over and eat the soft ice cream on the bottom first and then polish it off. What a treat.

Oh, my gosh! How did Denzel know how I have secretly eaten ice cream all these years? I was stunned. I burst out laughing to think that anyone else ate ice cream just like me. I feel like we are kindred spirits.

How about you? Are you an ice cream fan? How do you eat your ice cream?

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