Thursday, February 4, 2010


February is the month for romance, and not only do we love to live romance – we love to read it.

Below are some interesting facts about romance novels and those who love to read them. This information was provided by Romance Writers of America based on 2008 statistics:

• Nearly seventy-five million people read at least one romance novel.
• Almost 30% of all Americans over the age of thirteen read a romance.
• Romance was the top performing category on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly best-seller lists.
• Those aged 39 to 49 are most likely to read romance and are currently married or living with a partner.
• Impulse purchases outnumber planned purchases.
• Over 90% of romance novels are read at home.
• Romance readers, about 29%, carry a romance novel with them.
• More than half of romance readers who read romance in electronic format don’t use dedicated e-book readers.
• As high as 91% of readers will seek out an author’s previously published titles if they like their work.

During these difficult times of war, major natural disasters, economic struggles and unemployment, I’m looking for something a little lighter and happier to enjoy.

When the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua came out, critics were appalled at the popularity of the movie. Here’s a quote from The Insider: “The numbers are in for the weekend box office and the talking Chihuahua film was a definite hit with the crowds, if not with critics.”

For me this popularity puts in mind the old Bing Crosby and Bob Hope “On the Road” movies during earlier war years. It’s great to see something fun when the real world has you down. My most recent movie favorite is the romantic comedy, Did You Hear About The Morgans? ─ another flop with the critics.

However, none of this explains the current popularity of shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds and Bones. These types of shows are certainly not a break from the struggles around us. My family and many of my friends are turning to DVDs of classic movies and TV series to watch.

Obviously, the statistics prove that readers still love romance. What do people really want from entertainment these days? What do you enjoy? What makes you choose the books or shows you do? Let your opinions be heard here.

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