Friday, May 13, 2011


I’ve been reading romances.


But, I don’t like what I’m reading. Where has all the romance gone?

I just read a book where the hero and heroine slept together as teens, she had a baby the hero didn’t know about, and he left town before he found out she was pregnant. He comes back years later, and she sleeps with him unprotected the VERY first night. She’s not sure about him, whether she can trust him or not and doesn’t believe it’s the right time to tell him he has a four-year-old son. Sheesh! Didn’t she learn anything?

I’m sorry, but this is not romance to me. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the books where there’s attraction, desire, romance which builds throughout the book to a climax as your characters get to know one another and fall in love.

Sex is not romance. Characters should learn from their mistakes too.

I believe there’s a huge gap between what agents and editors think readers want to read and what readers really want. I think they are so inundated with storylines every day that they only notice the unusual and not the good.

Of course, I want to know what you think. Drop me a comment and tell me what you like.


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  1. Kind of partial to "Slutwave." The story you read doesn't sound believable. Years pass and "Hey, how's life treated you? Let's have sex." I too prefer to get caught up in the blossoming relationship, not start between the sheets. I like to get to know my characters before I "sleep" with them.

  2. You definitely touched on today's stories. I too prefer the tingling, heart pounding, nervous, attraction and the talking, communicating, and knowing you'll be good together before jumping in the sack. Slutwave is a good way to describe some of the stories I've read.

  3. And I thought I was old-fashioned because I atill prefer the events leading up to--the wooing, as it was once called--before the consumation, because then the coming together becomes somthing to celebrate, I have no quarrel with erotica--some authors and readers prefer it and that's okay with me. At least there the reader knows exactly what the book is going to be about. But with romance books today, no reader can be sure exactly what the author is up to. Christian romance? Well, at least they usually don't jump into bed first thing in those stories. Historical romance? Usually they don't have sex immediately in those either. But what if a reader prefers plain contemporary romance. Hey, it's a minefield as far as sex is concerned. A reader can never be sure what the writer will dish up. Much romance today is paranormal. Some of us have a few problems with that. Despite the popularity of vampire-as-hero romance, some of us believe dead is dead and so can't warm to it. Shapeshifters? Well, at least they're alive in both forms. But that's no guarantee that there'll be a good build-up before it's bedtime. Sex is not romance. It can me made to seem the logical outcome of the romance of wooing, in which case it becomes a love scene, not a sex scene. There IS a difference. How can a gal know she can trust a guy if she doesn't allow time to get to understand what he's like other than out of bed? Is sex all a woman needs? I think most of us need the romance first, if anything is to come of two people meeting and eventually making a permanent committment. Have we, as romance authors, forgotten that? Jane

  4. Wonderful comments. Thanks for chiming in.

    The term Slutwave refers to slutty-dressed (but in real life cold business women) artists who are able to sell their not-so-good tracks by drawing attention to their bodies and creating buzz by their trashy (they'd say edgy) costumes.
    For example: Lady Gaga, Ke$ha
    I got the term and definition from an on-line urban dictionary.
    In communicating with readers, they're telling me they are frustrated that they can't count on a sub-genre to be consistent about the level of heat or morality they expect.

  5. I certainly love to turn up the heat in my stories, but there has to be something there for the hero/heroine other than just sex. Even if they are both not in love at least one of them is and sex is just another device to win the others heart. However, it's not the only device. There should be a build up and sexual tension and romance, etc. Slutwave is a great term and there will always be people who want that (short stories are great for that), but romance will never die. It may change a bit with the times, but who doesn't love the emotional build up to the first touch, first kiss, first time in bed? Now that's great reading.:)

  6. Romance, WOW!!! That is a a HUGE word now in the 2000's. ALL everyone thinks about that I see is SEX ONLY. SEX sell's. On T.V., Radio and just plain sight. Where has ALL the Romance gone. Being mairried for 31 years is hard. Yes, you have to work at Marriage and that includes Romance. Now, you get Romance through a good book or you ask your partner hey where is our Romance??? LOL But times have changed and that is why there are ALOT of divorce and cheating out in this world. It is NOT like when we got married. I still LOVE my Husband and he is as Handsome as the day I meet him. But kids nowadays I dunno!!! It's just NOT there.
    Nancy Smooches


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