Friday, June 10, 2011


The other day, I was driving with my boys when I saw a duck in the middle of the road by Fashion Place Mall. I slowed, moved cautiously around it, and then continued. As I gazed in my rearview mirror, I watched an SUV deliberately swerve to hit the duck.

The memories flooded back to me of another time when our sweet little Jack Russell, Stubby, escaped our yard and headed down the street. We yelled and chased after him on foot in the dark. He made it to the corner of the subdivision and headed up a main street.

A carload of teens swerved off the road to mow him down, laughing as they left his crumpled body lying on the side of the road. I stayed up all night crying, holding Stubby’s lifeless body wrapped in his favorite blanket. My boys were devastated by the heartless cruelty, and it literally took years for them to get over the event—if they ever really have.

Who are these people who can so easily kill an animal…and do it in fun? Do they brag about it? Do they ever regret it at some point in their lives?

Have you ever met someone who admits they do this sort of thing? Who are these people? What do they get from doing it?

I just want to know.  Please leave me your comments.

In memory of
Stubby Filbert
Born - November 1, 1998
Died - June 29, 2002


  1. When I was in the Navy there was a incident with someone on base microwaving a kitten. They got put in jail for cruelty to animals and kicked out of the service. I avoid animals even road kill already smushed. We had a duck in the road here and I stopped and honked and waited while cars behind me blared horns figure they stopped blaring when hey saw the waddlng bird move out of the four lane traffic area to grass

  2. annabelle ambrosioJune 10, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    How horrible. My husband was working in a psychiatric hospital one time and there was a woman there as a patient, who had microwaved her baby and served it to her husband. Sorry, I know you just felt sick! In psychiatry it is felt that young people who do cruel things to animals are most likely to grow up to be the killers of society.

  3. It's a proven fact that people who enjoy hurting animals are unstable. First animals, later people. They are unfeeling sociopaths and sick.
    No normal human beings can do this.
    I hope they got therapy, but I'm sure at least one of them is in prison for moving on to uglier work.
    All we can do is pray for a change of heart.
    I hope stubby didn't suffer long.

  4. That is such a sad story. :( I'm so sorry your family had to suffer from such a vicious deliberate act. I can't believe how incredibly cruel and thoughtless some people can be. Always remember that Karma will come around and those cruel teens might have a sharp reminder in their future of their cruelty.

  5. I've never met anyone who has been cruel to animals. We like all animals at my house, well other than creepy crawlies. I believe people who deliberately seek out to hurt animals have no problem with hurting someone they view as weaker than themselves.

    I've braked for animals in the road, deer on the expressway, ducks on surface roads, but recently a semi-truck nearly caused a pile up trying to avoid a mama duck and her babies. I don't think if more than two or three of the animals survived. Several were squashed as we avoided the jack-knifing trailer AND ducks.

  6. We had a dog named Thing that someone dropped off at our house. We got up one morning and he was in the doghouse that once belonged to a beloved spaniel who had passed on. My husband started feeding him and I said, "What are you going to do with that dog?" He said, "I can't let the thing starve." Thing became his name and our dog. He was well trained and so smart. His one fault was his love of chasing the UPS truck. He hated that truck and the sound of it just made him crazy.We kept him inside the fence to keep him safe. One day, I left the door to the garage open as I unloaded groceries and he heard the truck. The driver hit him and just kept going.
    It was one of the few times I saw my husband cry. He was so upset he wrote a letter to UPS to complain. It took a long while for him to get another dog.

  7. Working in the Courts you get see the ugly stuff-animal cruelty being among the worst (a certain incident with a black lab still brings a roll of nausea my way). I also was the clerk who handled the mental health hearings determining if someone would be committed to a psych hospital. Within the first 5 questions of their evaluation, they are asked "have you deliberately hurt an animal of any kind." When a criminal is going to be sentenced to a prison facility, they have to undergo a psychological evaluation. This same question is #3. Definite pattern.

  8. A sociopath can rarely be rehabilitated. These people brains are different than ours. They almost always start out practicing on animals and graduate to people. Therapy can actually help them to look and act “normal”, but their thoughts of power and control over others never leaves them.

    They almost, but not always, have been abused as children who lost their sense of power and control and try to gain it back by hurting others.

    A pattern is something people do over and over. All human beings have some type of pattern they follow. I for example, get up every morning and watch the news while I sip my coffee and pat my cat. I travel the same road to work.
    Sociopaths do the same thing. There is always a pattern they followed before the ended up in court. It usually found in childhood. Killing animals, hurting other children, manipulation of others, bulling, etc… These people are NOT mentally ill.

    The lady who microwaved her baby was most likely mental ill. Sociopaths know what they are doing and have no empathy for anyone but themselves. That part of the human brain isn’t developed in them. You can’t grow a conscious.

  9. OMG. How horrible. I agree. Those teens are criminals. Don't we have enough pain to deal with without people like that adding to it? Jack Russells are such sweet, adorable creatures. How could anyone do that? People who are cruel to animals ought to be put in jail.

  10. Anonymous said it best with: "You can’t grow a conscious." It's just hard to believe these people are driving on the same roads, living in the same neighborhoods, working in the same building...
    Where did the man go next who ran over the duck?
    I'm so sorry for those of you who have said they've lost loved ones. Thanks for sharing.

  11. My husband and I are animal LOVERS. To us they are apart of the family. We have lost 2 dogs that lived to be and old age of 19 yrs and 18 yrs old. Than we had to put our Cat down 2 yrs ago. VERY, VERY HARD to do. What thrives on these ppl that kill animals is Anxiety, Fun, Bored they have NO compassion about Animals. These ppl think think that Animals are just that Animals. I would just once LOVE to put these ppl that kill Animals just for fun through the same thing and see how it feels. Same as ppl killing ppl over nothing. NO COMPASSION and REALLY do NOT care. And yes, I hate to say it I do know some ppl that are this way and it sickens me to the VERY core of my being.
    Nancy Weed
    Houston, Tx.

  12. Can you believe that people can be so cruel? I remember visiting my folks one evening and hearing my little nephew scream. He and his little dog were just walking down the road to his home and some kids swerved to hit the dog. It's a wonder they didn't hit my nephew too. I, too, cannot believe someone would be so purposely hurtful. I've seen them do the same things -- and it makes me so mad. Breaks my heart because nothing deserves that.


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