Monday, July 11, 2011

GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER (and other immoral acts)

Everyone has been shocked by the recent news of the not-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony case. Through the media’s eyes, it seems clear that the mother is guilty. Others have also gotten away with murder. For example, the killer(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson, JonBenĂ©t Ramsay, Susan Powell, Kiplyn Davis and more.

And it’s not just murder. Some people can steal, abuse, or slander others and be forgiven, others prosecuted. Why are some people able to get away with immoral acts and others indicted and condemned by society? What is it about this type of person? Is there some sort of specific personality trait that differentiates individuals who get away with things?

What about those who make a mistake, apologize, but are not forgiven? What is it about those individuals that make others so willing to judge them harshly and persecute them when they haven’t committed a serious wrong-doing?

Is it luck, personality, destiny?

Do you, or have you known, someone like this? What makes them different? Do you have characters in your books that can get away with murder…or other immoral acts?

Send me your comments and let me know what you think makes up these types of characters.

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  1. I fear I'm in the minority, but I don't believe Casey Anthony "got away with murder." TIME magazine did a very thorough review of the case before the trial was over, and I believed then that she had not killed her child. The jury did just what they were supposed to do, that is, decide on the evidence presented in court. They were sequestered, so they had no knowledge about the speculation of others. Remember, the prosecution never even came up with clue to how the child died, much less a reasonable motive. In addition no fingerprints or DNA evidence linked Casey to the child's body.

    Some people may get away with murder, but in my opinion, not this one. But she'll suffer the rest of her life because some people will think so.

  2. My point exactly, Phyllis. Why then should the media choose to find this woman guilty. What was it about her that made them go after her?

  3. Casey Anthony may not have been guilty of murdering this baby, but it looked very suspicious when she did not report the child missing for over a month and went out partying. She surely should have gotten some punishment for this behavior. Having served on several juries, I think many jurors really don't understand what the words reasonable doubt mean. Many come into the trial with their minds made up.


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