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K. R. Bailey

We are chatting with K. R. Bailey about her writing and her new exciting book, Dangerous Deception, due out in August.

K.R.: Hi Cindy. So happy to chat with you. Here’s a blurb about my newest story, Dangerous Deception. It should be released in electronic formats in August. It will also be available in print before Christmas.


After her father's freak riding accident, Saxon Hunter gives up her dreams of being on the rodeo circuit to rush home only to find her happy ranch life replaced by odd accidents and murder. Deception is everywhere. In her quest to unravel the mysterious clues, she's plunged into the dangerous world of murder and drugs.

Morgan Michaels, a DEA agent, goes undercover to expose a drug ring. When he meets Saxon, he isn't prepared for the strong attraction he feels. Things get complicated because evidence indicates Saxon and her family are involved in the case he's trying to solve.

When Saxon learns that Morgan has deceived her, she's devastated, but as things heat up, she finds he's her only chance for survival. The question is can they make their way through all the lies to regain trust and find love?

CINDY: Is Dangerous Deception your first book?

K. R.: No, Dangerous Deception will be my fifth published book. I have also published:

An Afternoon Tryst, written under the pen name Modeska Rose, available through The Wild Rose Press, Wilder Roses.
My Guardian Angel, also published through The Wild Rose Press.
Can You Trust A Cowboy? published through Bookstrand Publishing.
Never Too Late, My Love also published through Bookstrand Publishing.

CINDY: What inspired you to write your very first full-length book? What kept you going to the very end? How did you feel when you completed it?

K. R.: My very first full-length book was inspired by some of the trips I’ve taken with my sister to Colorado. Then, on a fishing trip out to Locomotive Springs in the West Utah desert, I found a small ranch house and knew that was where the story should begin. The book was written, but sadly, I’ve never polished it to the point of having it published. But I loved the story and kept working on it. It’s kind of an awesome feeling to create a character with their own unique personality and quirks that once I get started, I just have to keep writing. Someday I hope to finally get it published. I love taking my characters on their individual journeys to find love and happiness. I’m always thrilled when the story is finished. It’s such a great sense of accomplishment. But it’s kind of sad because I get so involved with each of my characters, building them, developing them, and watching them grow that it is almost a sad letdown to have to close that book knowing I won’t be involved with them for awhile again.

CINDY: What genre is your latest book, Dangerous Deception? Tell us about it.

K. R.: Dangerous Deception is a romantic suspense/mystery. Don’t you just love a suspenseful mystery? Anyway, the heroine, Saxon, loves the Bar H Ranch that her family owns and where she was born and raised. It’s situated in a small town where she knows almost everyone or, at least, thinks she does. When her father has a riding accident and is killed, she feels something just isn’t right. When she finds the deputy sheriff murdered on her property and sees weird lights on the mountain, she is determined to find out what’s going on.

The hero, Morgan, is a DEA agent. Needless to say, he can’t tell her who he is. But he has a job to do and is thrown into Saxon’s life and family not only because of his job, but by the attraction they feel for each other. Their love of horses and their determination to find the truth pulls them together and is what will eventually solve the mystery of the murders.

CINDY: What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most? What part do you dislike?

K. R.: Gosh, I enjoy most all of the writing process – creating dilemmas, new characters with varied backgrounds and experience, learning new things through classes and RWA meetings as well as through the research I do. I guess the part I dislike the most is having to write the synopsis and query letters to get my stories in front of editors and then having to find a way to market them. I like writing the story. All the other stuff takes me away from writing.

CINDY: What motivated you to write Dangerous Deception?

K. R.: The story started going through my mind on a trip down the mountain from our cabin with my husband. I started picturing a ranch surrounded by red rocks and tall trees where I could see a perfect place to ride your horse and also have someone murdered (what can I say?). My Mom and Dad raised Morgan horses, and I had a beautiful Morgan gelding for 28 years. Morgan horses just had to become part of the Bar H Ranch I was creating. The name Saxon for my heroine came to me – now don’t laugh – from reading an obituary. I loved the sound of it. It was so different.

I really love reading mysteries and decided to try writing one.

CINDY:  Mysteries are great.  I'm working on one myself.  Saxon is an interesting name, but an obituary? I'll get over it. And you've really lived an exciting life. I love horses. Morgans are beautiful animals. You have a lot to share through your writing.

A lot of authors listen to music while they write. Do you? Do you have any rituals you do before, after or during writing?

K. R.: Not really. I’m a person who hates distractions when I read, write, anything, so no music. Most of my stories start dancing in my head when I’m going for a ride with my husband. Once I start writing, I’ll wake up during the night and think of a perfect scene to add. If I’m stumped, I put it away for awhile while I have a chance to think about it. When I finally finish a manuscript, I’m so thrilled I have to tell someone, and it usually is my husband, my sister, and my critique partners.

CINDY: If you could write yourself into one of your books what kind of character would she be? (The heroine, the best friend, the antagonist, strong, funny, supportive, etc.)

K. R.: Boy, I don’t know. I’d love to be the heroine since they have all the fun – meeting new men, new experiences, etc. But I’d probably be the supportive friend (or antagonist). Everyone tells me I drive them nuts because when they ask me a question, I usually give them both sides of the answer, the pros and cons, and then they have to decide how use that info.

CINDY: How much research do you do for one of your books? How much of your book is fact, and how much is fiction?

K. R.: I always like to sprinkle some real facts into my stories, but most of my stories are fiction. Usually, the characters are people I create in my mind. My book, Never Too Late, My Love is a prime example. The idea for the book came to me while I was in Ibapah, Utah, hunting with my husband. We were close to the Goshute Indian Reservation, and I needed to know about them before I could write my story so I spent quite a bit of time doing research on the Goshute people, their beliefs, their history and their customs. I also have been interested in wolves, and I found several websites about wolves. I spent several days researching Ibapah to learn about its history, its name, etc. Some of the tidbits about the pony express in that book are also based on my experience while visiting some of the sites along the pony express trail. I’d like to think that using some real facts along with my fictional story helps give it some depth and interest.

In my new story, Dangerous Deception, I interviewed my nephew who is a current day cowboy who rides the rodeo, as well as works on a ranch. He gave me some information that I used. The story about the Shooting Star Bar in Huntsville is true, and it was fun to research it and learn about the huge dog that is mounted on the wall. But again, most of the story is fiction, something that I created in my mind.

CINDY: That's fascinating. What has writing a book taught you about yourself?

K. R.: That I need to learn to use my time more wisely (chuckle). I seem to let mundane things take over. You know, housework, laundry, even TV. But I have learned that when I start something, I do find a way to finish it. Even if most of the time I’m writing in the middle of the night after my husband has gone to bed.

CINDY: I hear you there.  What do you want your readers to gain from reading one of your books?

K. R.: Hopefully, they can find some entertainment as they meet new people and read new stories. You’ll notice most of my stories are older heroes and heroines who have to learn to open their hearts and let themselves learn to love again. Maybe some of my readers can do the same thing.

CINDY: Do you have any plans for another book? Can you give us any details?

K. R.: Absolutely! In fact, I have another romantic suspense ready to submit to an editor. It takes place in another small town in Utah. I got the idea from an old Don Williams song, CafĂ© Carolina. So I have Maggie owning a small diner, and a young woman shows up homeless. Maggie is the type of person who loves to care for people and stray animals. She is thrown into a mystery where two people get killed, her home and diner get ransacked, and I can’t tell you more because it will ruin the story.
I always have several ideas dancing in my head ready to have the story put to paper. Isn’t that what writers do?

CINDY: That happens to me too.  How can readers find out more about you and your books? Do you have a website? Where can they buy your books?

K. R.: Do check out my website and my blog. My books are listed there with excerpts and blurbs. Several of my stories can also be found at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble e-books.

Website: http://krbailey.com/
Blog: http://www.krbailey.blogspot.com/

CINDY: This has been a fun interview. Thanks for taking the time to join us.  I wish you tons of success with your new release!

K.R.: Thank you. Read a great book!


  1. Your book sounds like one I want to read.Good plot, interesting setting. I'd love to read it.

  2. Congrats on the new release K.R.! Great interview, Cindy. Loved learning more about K.R.

  3. Great interview, Kathy. Can't wait to see you at your book signing.


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