Wednesday, August 24, 2011


These tough economic times are impacting our loved ones–our four-legged loved ones. The American Kennel Club says dognapping is up 32% this year from last year, and most thefts go unreported. Pit bulls and large breeds are most often the ones taken. The reports don’t even include the horrendous number of missing dogs.

These criminals are flipping the dogs and puppies for money, and unfortunately, our babies or being sold to such people as dogfighters and research lab owners. Talk about tough times. The criminals are stealing dogs right out of homes, cars, pet parks, and even pet stores.

Without the proper registration papers, these criminals aren’t even getting the full price of what these dogs are worth. How desperate is that? In some cases, the perpetrators are even demanding a ransom!

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping my precious dogs close by my side. Check out for more info. Also, check out for more information about pet theft prevention and recovery.

Cindy A. Christiansen
Sweet Romance, Comedy, Suspense…and Dogs!


  1. Things are tough everywhere, but dog-napping. Really?
    Thanks for the enlightening post.

  2. Yea, I know all about the Dog nappers. Geez!!! You cant even own a Animal Friend nowadays. And it sickens me what they are doing to them. My husband and I are also Dog and Cat and ALL kinds of Animal lovers. And they do become a part of your Family heck they are our Family. With out our pets ANY KIND of Animal what would we do. I swear mine understands me when I talk to him. I know they do. They know us. And a Animal Chip is GREAT for the Animals so we can locate them. I remember one time in hard times with my husband and I and it was between our two dogs or us eating that night. Guess who won out? Our dogs of course. They are just like out kids. Anyway, I hope they catch ALL the Cruel people out in the world that is mean to them and have them fight. Dogs or NOT BAD. Its BAD owners that make them BAD. Smooches

  3. 101 Dalmatians have come to life. This is horrible! Dogs are family members, absolutely criminal is what it is.
    I vote we hang them, just like what the law was when you stole a man's horse.


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