Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've Got a Bone to Pick... Wall Street Protest

I want to know how you feel about the Wall Street Protest.

As I understand it, the group is a leaderless movement with no general consensus of what they want except that they’re dissatisfied with government and the economy, and they want change.

Some in the media say the group is college-aged people who have spent their lifetime facing a bad economy and can’t get jobs now that they’ve graduated. (1)  Others in the media report that this unrepresented, employed segment believe in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence. (2)

As always, there are going to radicals who take the opportunity to speak out.  But how do you feel about the current economy?  Do you think we need change?

I know my family is struggling financially, especially due to healthcare costs. We can’t afford medications and are suffering undue stress. In the last thirteen years, we have not been able to increase our investments so much as a dollar. Those around us are besieged with unemployment, low paying jobs and unacceptable work conditions just to survive.

If you were in a position to join the protestors, would you?  Does the fact that President Obama just spent $1.1 million of our tax dollars on two buses for his campaigning factor into your decision?  What bone do you have to pick?

(1) CBS Sunday Morning, Turning "Occupy Wall Street" Into Reform, Rebecca Jarvis
(2) Wall St Protesters Polled ... and the Results Are Ugly, Doug Schoen, Fox News

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  1. What a way to get my juices following first thing in the morning :). Every time I hear about Bush and Reagan squandering money it infuriates me because they never look at the Obama spending. It's always the other guys fault. We had banks that stole our money but instead of prosecuting them, we bailed them out and left the criminals to go about life as usual and enjoy another million or so dollar bonus - yet, we can't retire because wall street is controlling how our stocks are going, etc. People are out of work - yes, it's Obama's fault because instead of fixing this...he's contributing worse than any other President. And HE WANTS ANOTHER TERM - America can't afford. Another grip is the kindergarten (no wait that's to old)the toddler mentality of our congress. OMG, learn to be adults!!! I'm embarrassed at the House of Representatives and the Senate, these idiots make the US look like the war against the north and the south. No wait, the people in those wars probably had brains.Thanks for the post. :)

  2. A terrific post.
    I'm with you. I have to say Ditto, to everything Doree just wrote.
    They're spoiled children grabbing anything in reach and yelling mine. But worse, then they scream for more.

  3. I look at it this way. Yes, things are bad. Things are very, very bad. But after President' Bush's last term, very few people in this country were willing to elect another conservative president. Now, after four years of liberal leadership, people are starting to remember why we elected a conservative last time. It's a cycle. We go through it again and again.

    Do I think our previous conservative presidents have been perfect? No. All I know is that since I became an adult my personal finances are always in better shape when a conservative president is in office. It has never failed. Elect a liberal and my bank balance suffers. That never fails either. It's weird, really, because I think people expect that it will be the other way around.

    That said, I'm really, really tired of all the hatred that we bring into our politics these days. No, I don't think Obama's been a good president. No, I don't want him re-elected. But do I think he's an evil man who wants to destroy the country? Absolutely not. I think he's a good man doing what he believes is best. I just happen to think he's wrong.

    Would I join the protest? Not as it presently stands. Instead of just shouting about how wrong things are, they need to offer a solution and try to move the country toward something. Dreaming about unspecified "change" is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  4. Excellent post. With everything the government is putting this country through, it's only natural that its citizens would start forming groups and start fighting back, but if the group doesn't really have a specific cause they are fighting for (like the Wall St. protesters)it's pointless. I'm all for taking back our country and kicking the clown who is illegally posing as our president out of the White House, or out of the country for that matter. To me, that's a real cause worth protesting against.

  5. yes, what Sherry said. Someone needs to come up with a solution. That someone has to be smarter than me though.

  6. Do I think Count Chocula and the Frankenberries need to be permanently "shelved", you bet. Our household has rode the wave of economic distress and unemployment due to this disasterous state of affairs our country is in for far too long. I think our forefathers are rolling in their graves. I don't want anymore "handouts" I have to pay for...I just want a new president. Cookie Monster would be an improvement.

  7. I really appreciate Sherry's comments and agree for the most part. Our government needs to grow up and quit pointing fingers. Work together. Come up with solutions. Stop casting blame and creating image hysteria.

  8. I agree with Danielle. I don't necessarily think this is a "right" or "left" problem. I think they're both to blame and the polarizing of our country is the most frightening thing. Why not be unified on reasonable ideas? We need a fiscally moderate solution that will keep our children and Grandparents in healthcare, but will cut down on the ridiculous and/or fraudulent spending of our entitlement systems. I think that we need to put the social issues aside for a while and really focus on the economic survival of our society.

  9. Amen and double ditto to all of the above.

  10. Great post. Yes, this economy is hurting a lot of people I know, some very close to me. I want to see someone in office who can straighten it out.

  11. Thanks for everyone's wonderful comments. One thing that was said on CBS Sunday Morning was that disgust is a massive political force. I think that's what we are starting to see. Things can't be ignored any longer.


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