Monday, November 14, 2011

Would You Like to Star in a Romance Novel?

Okay.  If you’re checking out this post, maybe you would want to star in your own romance. 

I ran across an item in an upper-end catalog selling romance novel kits from $36.00 up to $95.00.  The ad states that you have to register and provide about two dozen personal details about yourself.  In just a few days, you’ll then receive back a 150-180 page book with you as the star. They have seven titles with different heat levels and different settings.

As a reader, would you really want to read about yourself in a romance?  For me, it’s all about escape.  I’m afraid I’d take all my baggage with me, and when I saw myself doing something out of character, I’d get annoyed.  I don’t see any way that the author could adjust a “canned” book to fit every personality.  Or maybe there’s not a story line with character development in these books at all.

Sorry, but I still believe a romance should contain character growth, relationship development, a loving bond, and a personal message.  But then…what do I know?  Maybe it’s all about the fun and sex.

So if you’re a reader, I want to hear from you.  Would you pay that much money to star in your own book?

As a writer, do you see this as a creative marketing idea?  Would you try it? 

If you’ve read one of these books, please give me some feedback.  I’m always open to new ideas.

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  1. It's an interesting concept. I think it plays better for the teen crowd - I've seen ads w/ romance books personalized for that group.

    I'm a reader and a writer of romance based on fictional people. In reality, I'm married to my soul mate of 18 years. It would be weird to star in a romance outside my own life/personality/etc. - like creepy fan fiction that's written about celebrities. Shudder, they may have me as a fashionista. ;)

  2. I've seen the have your child star in their own story books for years & for a kid it might be kind of cool, but as an adult? Yuck. It would be kind of fun to have a character in a real authors book with my name, but any 150-180 page book supposedly starring me that could be generated in a couple of days would be lame. I can't see a real author wanting to go that route, even if they needed the money.

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  3. I would if my husband was the love interest and we were both filthy stinkin' rich and our wedding was in West Minster Abbey, and he honeymooned in Italy and Greece and our children were perfect angels and never argued and my body was a size six and cellulite free after having a load of children and I dressed like the Carringtons and Colbys every day and I could eat any and everything I wanted and not have to worry about carbs and . . .
    Oh, great, the kids have started throwing things at each other and woke me up, dang it!
    I think I would rather star in my own crazy story:-)

  4. Maybe as a joke, it might be a good gag gift for thosenthat like to read and write romance. Other than that, I kind of find it insulting to those of us who work so hard to create characters and worlds in the land of fiction. A canned story to star in sort of seems like literary cheating to me.


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