Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Four Tips to a Better Book Trailer

I'm feeling under the weather this week, so I’m keeping my blog short. I thought I’d share a few important points about book trailers I've learned from fellow author, Jeannie Linn:

  • The most common mistake in trailers is too much text. It forces the viewer to do a lot of reading. That slows down the video and doesn't utilize the medium to its maximum effectiveness. You're making a video in order to show a visual display, not recreate your book blurb.
  • Trailers often spend a lot of time trying to match pictures to words to narrate. Once again, this is trying to tell the plot through images instead of transmitting a look and feel that will increase interest in the book. The blurb already contains the marketing spiel. A movie trailer shouldn’t tell the plot – it should reveal tantalizing hints of the premise and use visual imagery to hook the viewer.
  •  Make sure you showcase your name, title, and web info.  At the very least, the trailer is another imprint of your author name, brand and cover art.
  • Decide what marketing message you want to send with your trailer, i.e. exciting, humorous, sensual. Some books and genres lend themselves very well to trailers. Historicals, paranormals, futuristics -- anywhere you can show setting and costume to enhance the reader’s experience.

All in all, the main purpose of a trailer is to give added exposure for your book. Please help me out and add other important tips you've learned. Thanks and have a wonderful healthy week.

Cindy A. Christiansen
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  1. I enjoy watching trailers when I am directed to them but I don't watch them much anymore when I come across them. For that reason, I haven't made any trailers for my last two books. I do think some readers still enjoy them though.

  2. I do enjoy trailers. However, I must add that trailers who employ live people and have live action are the very best.

    I have several trailers this way. Alas, the company who made them stopped doing so, and I had to go back to the still photos and typing the text. I felt like I stepped back in time to the days of silent movies! LOL

    These suggestions are good, and very beneficial. Thanks for making all of us aware. :)

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for posting about trailers.
    I've only made one, so I don't know a lot about them. I enjoy watching them and like the ones where the trailer is a little story about the book.

  4. What I like in a book trailer is beautiful music, a few choice scenes that keep you guessing, and if it's a romance, a cozy embrace toward the end.


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