Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Fit to Write Romance

A few days ago, I was driving to one of my writing meetings when I spied a young couple headed down the sidewalk, hand-in-hand.  They looked so happy, so in love, as they stared into each other’s eyes, smiling.  I thought to myself, this is romance.  This is what I write about.
            The sun had just set, the air sparkling and aglow.  I wanted to capture that moment in the pages of a book.  And then it happened…
            The couple started skipping.
            My eyes widened as I watched the two gleefully skipping down the sidewalk, holding hands and swinging their arms. I have to admit, I almost crashed my van as laughter overcame me.  I barely made it to the side of the road before the tears of hilarity completely obscured my vision.  Skipping?  Are you seriously kidding me? 
            I realized I hadn’t seen anyone skip since grade school and even then it wasn’t cool.  Have I lost touch with how it feels to be young and in love?  Am I not fit to write romance?  Would it really work to have my hero and heroine skip down a beautiful garden path so in love that nothing else mattered?
            Seriously, have any of you read any romances with some major skipping going on?  Be honest now.  :D

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  1. Can't say that I've read it in romance books since you mention it, but I think it's a marvelous idea! :)

  2. Cindy, I don't think anyone really allows the fun and frivolous out anymore. As you said, it wasn't cool; but it is. And I would also have had to pull over. We need a lot more skipping. I love the dogs!!!

  3. Miss Mae,
    Should we start a trend in our next books? (lol)

  4. Doree,
    Too bad we aren't aloud to have fun anymore. I really enjoyed that young couple and wish everyone everywhere would lighten up to the joys of life. Thanks for the comment. I love those sweet dogs too!

  5. Love it, and no, my cop heroes have never skipped. Now the bad guy has skipped town now and then. Cute, Cindy!

  6. Ha! My husband tried that with me once. I wasn't going for it, but we do occasionally swing our arms while we are holding hands. He just gets this big grin on his face when we start swinging and it makes me laugh:-)

  7. I actually really enjoyed skipping as a child, much more than running. Shhhh!
    Thanks for posting Donnell and Jewel!

  8. I love it, Cindy! As silly as my humor is, I may just try it in a story. Lol.

  9. Go for it, Laurean! I'd love to read it when you're done.

  10. I'm so glad I stopped over here, Cindy. Those are the two cutest pups! No I've never read of a couple skipping, but I can see it happening with the two of them laughing at themselves for being so silly. My husband and I almost always hold hands, and we've been married a really long time. I think we're lucky. But I don't write it in my books. Guess I need to fix that. Glad you didn't wreck.

  11. Marsha,
    My hubby and I have been married 25 years and we hold hands while we watch TV and shop. I think times like that are special. Don't think we'll be skipping any time soon. :D

  12. Me neither. I would like too, but with my age I may brake a leg. :) Usually I seen it with very young couple. Like early teens. I don't fit there any more. :)
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