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            Don’t get me wrong, I love to write. But what means even more to me is making my writing count for something. I’ve been searching for a company that supports abused and abandoned dogs, and I’m very excited to say, I found that organization.
            The organization is Friends In Need Animal Sanctuary in Eagle Mountain, Utah. I took a drive there and meet with the wonderful owners, Kim and Karen O’Donnell (and about 160 unique animals). Some of their residents include a turkey named Sam, their first rescue dog named October, and even a few yak, emu and cavys.
            It’s wonderful to meet people who have the same ideals as you. Not only do they take wonderful care of a variety of animals, they help diverse groups of people by allowing them to come and bond with the animals. Today that includes a group of special needs kids. I can’t wait to take my two autistic children to groom the goats and horses and play with the dogs. They’ll love it! 
            To celebrate our partnership, we are planning an Amazon ebook fundraiser on May 23, 2012 with my title, Hazardous Hideaway. Everything I make on the sale of the ebook that day on Amazon will be donated to the Friends In Need Organization!  Yes, everything!  I chose Hazardous Hideaway specifically for this fundraiser. Although I include dogs in all of my books, Hazardous Hideaway contains a touching scene with animal abuse. I will also be donating a portion of my proceeds from the sale of all of my books to Friends In Need Animal Sanctuary.
            Just think. You have the opportunity to read a good book and help some wonderful animals. What could be better?  Mark your calendars for May 23rd and please pass the word so that we can raise as much money as possible for this fine organization.
Hazardous Hideaway

Riding a bucking bronco would be easier than the ride Dallas Mae Jenkins is on. While escaping an abusive relationship, she ends up in a wreck and stranded at a remote dairy in Utah. Worse yet, the presence of her horse whips up memories of an old town murder, and Dallas finds herself in serious danger. 
The last thing Tom Allred needs is a wily female working at his dairy, especially one dragging up a murder he was accused of committing. Will Tom’s antacids hold out until he can get rid of Dallas?  Or, will she lasso his heart?

            Ina still wasn’t back, so Dallas decided to take the dogs for a short walk. As they strolled along, she noticed the light on at the office. One of the workers must be using the phone.
Gracie waddled along slowly, her belly full of life with her abundant litter. Roundup and Hunch ran double laps around them. She turned and followed the highway west toward Chalk Hills and watched contentedly as the sun sank lower behind the mountains, the colors a spectacular display. Every color of the rainbow radiated in the sky and delicately blended together.
She wanted to relax and enjoy the walk, but she couldn’t help going over what she’d heard. Why would they be plotting against her? What had she done? Yuletide isn’t even here. Tom and Venna aren’t close, so Venna couldn’t be jealous. How could a three year old death cause this much trouble? What connection did Bryce have to Quinn’s death? Hmmm. Dallas certainly posed no threat. She didn’t have a clue. Had she heard right? Venna had been blackmailing Bryce? About what?
Fear gripped at Dallas. If she just hadn’t hit that deer and wrecked her truck, she wouldn’t be in this mess. Hadn’t her life with Ray been bad enough? The future didn’t look good, especially if Bryce had a hand in it. What did they have in store for her? Did Tom have any idea the danger she faced?
Back toward the west, she heard a faint booming sound which grew louder into the pounding base of heavy-metal rock music. She spotted the silhouettes of four bobbing heads in a SUV. She continued her walk and moved the dogs a little farther from the highway, trying to ignore the frantic sounds of the music. Her muscles tightened. The thumping got louder, catching the attention of the dogs, as well.
The scarlet SUV swerved all over the road as it approached. Before she could call them back, the three dogs dashed toward the road, barking frantically. She called and called at the top of her lungs with only partial success. Roundup and Hunch returned to her side, but Gracie crouched down low, waiting for the vehicle. It passed by, and she sprang out, snapping at the tires and racing by its side. Laughter poured from the young boys inside. The driver swerved quickly, not once but twice, at the excited dog.
One too many times.
Slowed down with the life which filled her belly, Gracie didn’t move quick enough to miss the swerving tires. The vehicle sent her rolling down the graveled road. She yipped with pain and then became still in a furry heap.
The SUV picked up speed and whizzed down the road. A beer can flew out the window and clattered to a stop at Dallas’ feet. She futilely ran after them. She wanted to stop them. She wanted to make them look directly into the loving eyes of Gracie and see what they’d done. She wanted them to know about the puppies...
Dallas’ lungs felt ready to burst as she finally came to a stop. A sob escaped her lips as their whoops of laughter drifted back to her. She rested her hands on her thighs and leaned over, trying to catch her breath. Reluctantly she turned around. She didn’t want to see the mangled, bloody heap lying in the gravel.
Gracie didn’t move, and Dallas couldn’t see her face. Roundup and Hunch stood by their friend’s side, whining softly. Dallas stared at Gracie’s lifeless body for several minutes before boot thuds came pounding across the pavement.

Cindy A. Christiansen
Sweet Romance, Comedy, Suspense…and Dogs!
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  1. I'll be there to buy it. We have two cats from our animal shelter; two from my son and one from a neighbor moving. They found my grandson to be allergic to cats and the neighbor couldn't take the cat where she moved.

  2. Thanks so very much, Andrea. I'll try to keep everyone posted throughout the month.


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