Monday, August 6, 2012

A Ticked Off Dog

Callie Ignoring Me

Does your dog get ticked off at you?

            I woke one night last week to my own moaning. I made my way to the bathroom but blacked out. I awakened half an hour later to blood covering two walls and a big portion of the floor from vomiting.
            At three in the morning, my husband rushed me to the emergency room. They put IV’s in both hands, started pumping fluids and Protonix in to my system, and inserted a tube from my nose into my stomach. I spent the next two days in ICU.
            My family told me that my precious Callie dog constantly stayed by the door leading to the garage (the last place she’d seen me), and she kept searching the house to find me. I guess when you leave home unexpectedly, pets don’t understand your sudden absence.
            When I returned home, I anticipated Callie rushing up to lick and greet me. Instead, she wouldn’t come to me for several hours. After what my family had said, I was perplexed by her aloofness. Finally, she jumped into my lap and nuzzled and licked me. In fact, I couldn’t get her to leave my side for the next several days.
            The incident reminded me of the times my brother left his Schnauzer, Smokey, with me. My brother was training to become a horse whisperer down in Teasdale, Utah, and he’d drop his dogs off at my house on the way. When he returned, Smokey would take his teeth and bite very gently (almost like chattering teeth) on my brother’s arm. We finally figured out that Smokey didn’t like being dumped off at my house for the day with a bunch of rowdy kids and dogs (six dogs in all).
            I realized then that Callie was trying to tell me she didn’t like me leaving home without her permission or approval. She didn’t like being left at home to worry over my well-being. Not only did she express love, worry, anxiety and hurt, she also forgave me. How many humans do you know who express themselves that well?
            Share with me what your dog does to express his/her moods? 

Cindy A. Christiansen
Sweet romance, comedy, suspense...and dogs!

P.S.  The cause of my illness was a bleeding ulcer. I developed an infection from one of my IV sites and am still recovering.


  1. Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear about this! Do be careful with bleeding ulcers - they are serious critters!

    Poor Callie. I understand her confusion, and then her rebuke that you "left" her with no explanation. But her love overrode her annoyance. :)

    When we go away for several days, we always leave our babies with a capable sitter. She must be so good with them that when we return, though they're delighted to see us, they're never angry that we left in the first place. That makes me feel lots better. :)

  2. I am so glad you are better. Bleeding ulcers ... not fun. We took a road trip with my two dogs. I had a pillow on my lap so the dogs could lay on me. My boy dog, Cecil, decided that he had enough of me. Now we are in a car, he got as far away from me as he could. Laying on my husband leg next to the car door. Never did figure out what I did.

  3. Cindy, Suspected when we met you had a bleeding ulcer but it comes with the stressors in your life, so I hope you decide to live with it.

    I feel Callie's pain.

    Lost my loving dog, Gunther, to a reaction to Comfortis according to the brochure syptoms. I gave it to him for the flea problem this year.

    I found comfort in not being alone when it happened. My adult nephew could lift him and cover him in his quilt. Then, he wrapped him in a plastic tarp and got him all of his 96 lbs of dead weight into the car. Rob's cougar has a farm where her brother graciously used the backhoe to bury him in what is becoming the Maxwell pet cemetery. It has a nice view and is peaceful.

    Keep well, I'll write as things slow down. Instead of being gone for five weeks, it has become most the summer with pit stops at home. A lot going on and writing is flowing like cool clear spring water. j

  4. Sorry about Gunther, but glad to hear your writing it going well. After the bleeding ulcers, I ended up in the hospital again last week for an emergency appendectomy.

    Wish I could say I'm writing, but know one day things will turn around.

    Thanks, BJ. Take care of yourself. Hope you adopt another dog. They bring so much joy.


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