Thursday, August 30, 2012

Politics. Smolitics.

            You can’t flip a channel or listen to a radio station without hearing about the current political election.  And just click on Facebook or any other social site and everyone is posting about their favorite candidate for President…or unkind words about the opponent. It can get really nasty.

            It got me to wondering if anyone has written a fiction romance with any political overture.  Would anyone read a romance where the hero is a politician?  Or are we so negative about men who hold office that we would never consider them hero material? 

            What about a female politician?  Would she make an inspiring heroine?  Same thing? Or are they viewed differently than men in the political arena?  Is it better to stay clear of politics in fiction just like you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion in social circles?  

            In my book, Braving the Blaze, I addressed the hot subject of illegal immigration.  My antagonists were against illegal immigrants coming into our country and taking jobs and college scholarships away from citizens, no matter what nationality.  I expected some reader feedback about the controversial subject, but I haven’t received any.  Not even in reviews.  Did my readers have their own views about this subject?  Did they like the real-life controversy in their contemporary read? Was it considered good motivation for the bad guys?  Maybe it didn’t matter because it was fiction.

            So, does your real view of politicians color how you would perceive a fictional political hero?  How do you feel about the overall morality of politicians?  Do you feel that if they are running for office they are not worth voting for?  Do you think there is such a thing as an honest politician? Would you read a romance with a political hero?

            If you’ve read a romance with a hero or heroine involved in politics, please tell us what you thought about it.  Did the author do a good job of convincing you the character was really a good, moral person?  I’d love to hear your views about politics and romance. 

Cindy A. Christiansen
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  1. I would read a romance with a political hero, but it would depend on the plot. ; - )

  2. Sonya,
    So you could see a politician as an honest hero?

  3. Cindy, truthfully for me, any politician equates = "liar". All they do is demean everyone else while bragging about how "good" they are.

    I absolutely could NOT read any story about a political hero. I consider any politician a villain, so such a book wouldn't sell with me!

  4. We are on the same wavelength, Miss Mae. (lol) Have you seen any titles with a politician? I can't say that I have. I wonder why? ;)

  5. Maybe no one can conceive of a politician being a heart throb? LOL

  6. I grew up in a different era, when politicians were admired and considered statesmen, usually. JFK was genuinely revered as an idealist. Of course, wheeling and dealing and dirty tricks always existed, but they were more hidden. Two good films are "The Best Man" and "The Candidate."
    I'd love another novel with an honorable politician, but the current reality works against that.

  7. Cindy, Could be a real thought provoking topic except then I'd have to think about the coming election. I'd rather not. You have some good comments, jean

  8. I think what we'd all like is more honor among politicians. Maybe a line of fiction books with honest politicians would inspire real life. You never know!

    Thanks for the comments.

  9. The closest I've come to using a politician as my hero, is my last e-book, "A Decision Of Trust." Jake Tyler is an attorney, but an honest one.

    Writing about politics would be hard. To be a best seller you'd have to add plenty of scandal. Regretfully, that and politics seem to go together.


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