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Five Favorite Things Giveaway

           It’s the season for giving and my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP), is celebrating the holidays with a Five Favorite Things Giveaway.  Now I’m not giving away cars like Oprah, but you might want to participate. :)

Five Favorite Things Giveaway
December 15th - 16th
Online at SCP Facebook Page

            Narrowing down to only five things that I love has been quite the challenge.  I’d sooner work on a plot for my next book. (lol)  But, here goes:
1.    Puppies and their puppy breath
2.    A cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
3.    Dragonfly jewelry
4.    Homemade buttered popcorn
5.    Not Quite Zen – a fun read with a holiday ending

            Anyone commenting on this blog post about their favorite things or on my posts on SCP’s fan page or SCP’s reader’s group page over the weekend will be entered in a drawing to win an ebook of my sweet romance, Not Quite Zen. Who knows, I might even be posting other giveaways over the weekend on Facebook. (Actually I am.)  So, keep your eyes open. Other authors will be doing giveaways too. If you are a Twitter fan, check out #5FAVETHINGS.

            Here’s more info about Not Quite Zen:

Therapy dog trainer and hospice aide Harmony Hastings takes a much needed Zen vacation only to return to sheer chaos at the Silver Sunset Senior Community.  Who is the new gorgeous, young doctor and why has old Doc Barlow disappeared?  Why are residents being harmed? Can Harmony keep her chakras in balance long enough to figure out the mystery before one of the baby boomers ends up dead? Is the mysterious doctor the guilty party, or is he only guilty of giving Harmony a terminal case of love?

Harmony rushed to the closet and grabbed her coat. “I’m going to the community. I want to find out what’s happening.”
“Princess, the roads are bad. You shouldn’t go,” Gramps ordered.
“Merry Christmas, Doris. Gramps. I’ll be back soon enough. Save me some figgy pudding. On second thought, I’ve never really liked the stuff.” She closed the door behind her and dashed into the falling snow.
I’m worried about the residents. What if something else has happened? But deep in her heart, she knew she desperately needed to be with Benjamin. Wherever he was…whatever the circumstances…that’s where she wanted to be.
Despite her all-weather tires, she slid taking the turn toward Silver Sunset. She decreased her speed and continued, her wipers trying frantically to keep the windshield clear. A lone pair of headlights headed toward her. She slid on the icy road. She carefully corrected and continued on. The vehicle coming toward her appeared to be having trouble on the ice-rinked road as well. Approaching, the truck slid toward her car. Harmony swerved too quickly and lost control. She slid off the road, over the curb and into a tree. Her airbag deployed, and she gasped.
She managed to unfasten her seatbelt and slip out of her car. A numbness blocked out any pain she might be feeling. But she must be all right, her arms worked and so did her legs.
She stared at the man wearing a Santa Claus hat, sitting in his dark-blue pickup.
“Arrrre you oookayyyy, lady?” he slurred out.
From his lack of focus and wobbly head, Harmony could tell he’d gone from holiday cheerful to three sheets to the wind.
“I think so,” she returned, reaching for her cell phone.
Jeepers. Not in my pocket. She scrambled back into the car and searched her purse. Not there, either.
“I gotta go now,” the man called to her. “M-m-merry Christmasss.”
“Don’t…don’t report me, lady. Come on. It’s Christmassss. I can’t get another DUI.”
“But my car.”
He hiccupped. “Shhhhhh,” he said, holding a gloved finger to his lips. “I-I don’t have any insurance, anyway,” he said, smiling with his head bobbing. He moved his truck forward.
“You shouldn’t be driving,” Harmony yelled after him.
“Cerry Mistmus.” He left her, swerving as he went.
She memorized his license plate number and quickly jotted it down on an old receipt she found in her purse. She’d deal with him later. She locked the car and headed out on foot, her dress shoes slipping on the pavement. She should have grabbed her snow boots, but who thought she’d be walking in a storm.
She thought about knocking on someone’s door and asking for help, but it was Christmas Eve. People were watching It’s a Wonderful Life or reading The Night Before Christmas to their children. Well, most likely. And she didn’t want to intrude. Getting to Silver Sunset and finding Benjamin meant everything. She didn’t have much farther to go. Finding her purse, she pulled out her baggie of almonds and popped a couple in her mouth. Instead of her stomach being on fire, it felt like ice cubes rattled around inside of her.
She continued walking, and her vision began to blur. Maybe she wasn’t as well after the wreck as she thought. Maybe…
* * * *

            I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.  Below are a few Christmas gift suggestions from Oren Arnold.  I thought they were wonderful.
“To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.”

            Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Thanks for all your support over the years and please join us this weekend for more giveaways. Don't forget to comment.

Cindy A. Christiansen
Sweet Romance, Humor, Suspense…and Dogs!
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  1. i love the smell of freshly cut grass i dont like cutting it though
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  2. hot chocolate sounds good about now. YUM!

  3. I love the book cover, Cindy! And it sounds like a wonderful read. It doesn't take much for something to become a favorite of mine. Simple nights at home, watching a movie or tv with the hubby is pretty awesome. :)

  4. Here are a few of mine:

    1. my kindle
    2. my iPod
    3. Tea
    4. seeing my nieces smile/laugh
    5. my mom's cooking!

    I like your choice of the homemade popcorn, the best ever!


  5. I love buttered popcorn too. Great post, Cindy. Love the excerpt. Happy Holidays!

  6. Puppies are like babies, you can't get enough of the smell and the cuddling!

  7. Hot chocolate and whipped cream... ill be having one of those very soon yum!

  8. Wonderful comments, everybody. Thanks for stopping by. I'm headed over to the SCP readers' page to post another giveaway.

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I enjoyed your excerpt. It makes me wonder what's coming next.
    As for favorite things. Hmmm. This time of year my family's most favorite thing to do is attend the midnight Christmas Eve service at our church.
    For fun during the year, any beach works.
    For reading, any genre that's a good, clean story.
    For pastime, spending it with friends and family.
    For food, oh that's really difficult, but I'll go with fish.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Thanks for posting, Gail. Loved your favorite 5. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  11. Jennifer S. Thanks for saying you love the cover. I really like it but I had another author tell me she just "hated" my covers. To each his own. I think dogs on my covers are great because they are a big part of my live and my characters' lives. I also donate to organization that help abused and abandoned animals.

  12. Good choices, Cindy! I have a friend who loves dragonflies. Mine are listed on my blog post, and I won't bore you by repeating them here, but for one I'll say ginger cookies dunked in hot cocoa!

  13. Alright this was a tough one.
    1. My Digital Camera
    2. Iphone
    3. Kindle for reading
    4. Print books
    5. Theatre
    Thanks for the giveaways!


  14. Thanks for the posts, Flossie and April. Happy holidays!

  15. Let's see, 5 favorite things, hmmmm.
    1. My Hunnybunny
    2. Peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce
    3. White fudge covered Oreos & pretzels
    4.Diet Coke
    5. Authors that have giveaways!! ;)
    Merry Christmas!
    RW620 AT aol DOT com

  16. Too funny, RW1010! Does the Diet Coke balance out the ice cream, Oreos and pretzels? (lol)

  17. 1. Good Ghost stories

    2. Ballet

    3. A good, undisturbed nap

    4. Blasting a great song while driving

    Sitting on the beach staring out at the water.

  18. Amy,
    I could really go for that undisturbed nap. ;)

  19. Sounds like a great book Cindy. Can't wait to read it. Here are a few of my favorite things:
    1. Chocolate - any kind of chocolate.
    2. Seeing my grandkids playing with the presents under our Christmas tree.
    3. Playing with my dog Shilo.
    4. Long drives with my husband.
    5. Friends -- they are so special to me.

  20. Thanks to everyone for commenting. The winners are:
    RW1010 - Not Quite Zen
    Eva's Flowers - $10 gift card



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