Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In The Dog House With Me...

I have a wonderful author with me today—Flossie Benton Rogers.  She’s a fellow author with Secret Cravings Publishing.  We’ll introduce her new book, Wytchfae Runes, and then I’m going to ask her a few questions. (Awesome cover by the way.)

Author: Flossie Benton Rogers
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Blurb: Combine one faery witch and one hot Viking ghost and what do you get? Supernova attraction. Can they evade their enemies long enough to fan the flame?

Opening Line: In a star’s blink, a claw like hand gripped Ingvar’s throat and crushed him against the wall.

One Line Teaser: She had not bargained on the necessity of stirring up hot witchery in the frozen north, and she had to work fast to get Ingvar out of the Grims’ clutches.

Excerpt (Their first sight of a fae time portal):
She and Ingvar stood in an open space surrounded by a ring of lavender hued standing stones. Outside the ring, lush greenery stretched over rolling hills as far as the eye could see. Immediately outside the ring, concentric circles of fruit trees grew—apple, pomegranate, persimmon, and plum—all laden with succulent looking fruit. Grapes and berries climbed between. Kelly’s senses burst with the aroma of the varieties of blossoms covering the ground and peeping through the spaces between the stones. She could make out the scent of roses mixed with violet and heather, and other flowers she couldn’t name. The clean sweetness of green grass underlay it all. Looking up at a purple sky, she realized the luminosity came not from the sun but from an unseen ambient source. She dipped her fingers in a low well nestled near one of the stones. Gems sparkled in its shallows.

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Cindy:  So Flossie, tell us what attracted you to writing paranormal romance?

Flossie:  As a child I became enamored of fairy tales and began to write my own. I also developed a passion for the beauty found in mythology. Paranormal romance allows me to play in the areas that resonate with me.

Cindy:  Why do you think paranormal is so hot?

Flossie:  It appeals to the human need for imagination and creativity. 

Cindy:  What part of writing do you love most?

Flossie:  I love all aspects of writing, especially the feeling of deep zen and being in the zone.

Cindy:  If you could convey one message through your writing to your readers, what would it be?

Flossie:  Experience, enjoy, and esteem the magic of life.

Cindy:  What’s next on your agenda?

Flossie: I'll continue "conjuring the magic." We'll hear more from the Wytchfae world and its intersecting dimensions. Wytchfae 2 is written--a novella about a  succubus and undersea guardian, and I am working on Wytchfae 3--a novel starring two characters from Wytchfae Runes, the goddess Epona and her dark guardian Eshigel.

Thanks, Flossie. What an wonderful imagination!

Please take a moment to find out more about Flossie and her writing below.  Also, please take a moment and ask her any embarrassing questions you want right now.  Thanks, everybody.

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  1. Cindy, thank you for hosting me today. I couldn't imagine a better home than your dog house.

  2. Flossie,
    It's a little cold, but we have lots of warm blankets! lol

    Stats are high despite few questions for you. Guess you answered all their curiosity in those 7 revealing answers! :)

    Much success with your writing career.


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