Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Do Some Public Littering

Williard Gaylin once said, “Expressing anger is a form
 of public littering.” 
 So come do a little littering with me. 

What makes you mad, I mean really mad, when you come across it while reading a book? Well, I posed that question to a group of readers and here are some of their responses:
  • A wishy-washy heroine. Women are show it!
  • A mean hero or a wish-washy heroine. When she’s stupid and refuses to believe the obvious, I'm furious and then I'm gone.
  • When the description is just what you've been looking for, but the book has lots of editing errors.
  • A while ago I read a series in which a large amount of the story was cut and pasted from previous books. Now that was disturbing.
  • Cheating, I can't get past it.
  • Wimpy heroines. As Helen Reddy once sang, “I am woman, hear me roar.”
  • A mean hero or a wishy-washy heroine. Just the thought of either makes me angry.
  • Graphic sexual violence in and of itself is a warning note to me not to buy the book.
  • Editing issues where names are constantly being mixed up.
  • Reading a scene and finding out it was just a dream. Hate that!
  • Definitely editing, especially where the book is one really long paragraph.
  • Graphic sexual violence for no apparent reason, extensive grammatical errors and typos. I don't buy from that author again. Two strikes and they are out!
  • I've actually stopped buying from a particular publisher because too many of their books had typos.
  • When an alpha goes soft...all steam no force.
  • Borrowing library books to find that people have corrected the dialog! That ticks me off! I want to know how the character would speak, not what a grammar Nazi corrected it to say!
  • Wishy-washy woman that can't make up their minds on who they want. Frustrating!
  • I don't like perfect characters. I like conflict.
  • I don't like perfect either, I like conflict.
  • I don't like head-hopping. And lately I've read a couple books where I didn't know who was speaking and had to look back. That takes me out of the story.

      So by far, wishy-washy heroines made readers the angriest and then editing errors. How about you? What makes you mad when you find it in a book?
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     Happy reading! Happy commenting!

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