Monday, April 8, 2013

A Writer's Mind

I’m reading the book, The Night We Stole The Mountie’s Car, by Max Braithwaite.  He had written something so profound about writers that I had to wake my husband up to read it to him. I thought I’d share it with all you wonderful authors and the friends and families who have to deal with our craziness:

“And this is what happens with every writer.  At some point in every situation he begins to think of it [real life situations] as a story.  It doesn’t matter how intimate it is or whom it involves – friends, parents, wife, children – what happens to them sooner or later becomes material.  Somerset Maugham, the greatest story teller of my generation, once said that sooner or later everything that had ever happened to him was used in his writing.

“It’s a terrible thing in a way. To be always sort of sitting apart watching what is happening to you and to those about you and storing it away for future use.  But it is natural, too.  For a writer can only write that which he knows.  He must start with that.  Invention is important but there must be a board from which invention can spring.  To labour the comparison, fancy twists and turns in the air are not possible without that springboard to set them going.” ~ Max Braithwaite

I found this so amazing! I’m storing people’s real life situations away all the time. And I was just telling my husband that I can’t just make something up, there has to be a real life experience or emotion I can start with that I can then create my fictional story—that springboard!

Hopefully I not only store the experiences for future motivation but help those who have shared their story and, thus, a part of themselves.  Life is precious.  We should live in the here and now. Can you relate to a writer’s mind?

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