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In The Dog House: Author Dawne Prochilo

I'm like a dog with two tails to have author Dawne Prochilo with me today. She is a published romance author, a freelance writer and online journalist, owner of the promotional blog Romance MarketPlace, and holds several job positions with Secret Cravings Publishing. What a busy woman! Besides all this, she loves to cook and prepares all her meals from scratch, including bagels and pretzels. Amazing!

Let's find out what she's up to and all her accomplishments:

CINDY:  Is Jake’s Lady your first book?
DAWNE:   No, it is my fourteenth book and book two in my historical western series, The Butlers of Willow Creek.

CINDY:  Wow! Fourteen books. That's awesome. What inspired you to write your very first full-length book? What kept you going to the very end?  How did you feel when you completed it? 
DAWNE:   Inspiration came from the childhood dream of always wanting to be an author and writer. That dream continues to push me every day. When I type the end I have mixed emotions- from elation of completing the book to sadness of leaving the characters and their story to move onto the next one.

CINDY: What genre is Jake’s Lady?  Tell us a little about it.
DAWNE:   Historical western romance.  
The book, and series, is based in Willow Creek, Colorado, 1898

Ellora 'Ellie' Jameson arrives in town from back east, escaping a controlling father and adulterous fiancé. She meets Jake Butler in the restaurant while applying/begging for waitress position. Her shyness attracts Jake but it is his thoughtfulness and protective ways that makes Ellie realize he is the man just for her. When Ellie's fiancé comes to town in search of her, Jake takes the lead and defends what is his now.

CINDY: That sounds like my kind of book. What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?  What part do you dislike?
DAWNE:   The most is the way I can let my mind create characters and their lives; adding depth to them and making them real, at least in my mind. The least is deadlines. Meeting deadline. I am an easily stressed person and deadlines looming can be intimidating.

CINDY: What motivated you to write Jake’s Lady?
DAWNE:   Since it is book two in the series, I wanted to have a story for each sibling. Jake's is my favorite as Ellie, the heroine, is 'back east' gal who moved to the wild west. Her timid nature and sheltered life is put to the test.

CINDY:  A lot of authors listen to music while they write.  Do you?  Do you have any rituals you do before, after or during writing?
DAWNE:   Music drives me. I am an 80's child so I always have Pandora playlists when I am writing. I mix up the playlist between 80's hairbands, new rock and classic rock as well as a few country western female artists- they usually have attitude in the lyrics and those lyrics can really inspire me.
CINDY:  How much research do you do for one of your books?  How much of your book is fact, and how much is fiction?
DAWNE:   For this historical western I did do some research. The dates are aligned with certain historical events that I wrote into the story/plot. They always say, write what you know... but sometimes you have to challenge yourself.

CINDY: What has writing a book taught you about yourself?
DAWNE:   That my previous love for reading historical westerns and my personal challenges can be rolled into one and I can create a town, its characters and solid plot.

CINDY: What do you want your readers to gain from reading one of your books?
DAWNE:   An afternoon to escape into a world I created and that they will cherish.

CINDY:  Do you have any plans for another book?  Can you give us any details?
DAWNE:   Oh yes I do! I have two more in this historical western series due for release in 2013. I also have a prequel to On Her Own, a sweet contemporary romance, due out in June and then two more books in that series. Plus... oh, so much more!

CINDY:  You are truly amazing, Dawne. I really admire you. How can readers find out more about you and your books? Do you have a website?  Where can they buy your books?

Sweet Cravings Author Page:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share a part of yourself with us. I really enjoyed getting to know you better.

Readers, please feel free to ask this awesome author questions through the comments section.

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