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In The Dog House: Author Lynn Rae

I wouldn't be barking up the wrong tree if I said author Lynn Rae has a lot going on with her writing career! With professional experience ranging from contract archaeology to librarianship along with making donuts and teaching museum studies, she enjoys incorporating her real-life adventures into her writing. 

CINDY:  Is Bent Boot Road your first book?
LYNN:   Yes! It is the second book I wrote and I was offered a contract for it on the first submission I made. Thanks Sweet Cravings Publishing!

CINDY:  What inspired you to write your very first full-length book? What kept you going to the very end?  How did you feel when you completed it? 
LYNN:   I wrote my first book in the fall of 2011 after going through some family medical crises that summer. I just wanted an outlet that I could do from home since I wasn’t able to be out and about. It was the cheapest form of therapy I could find! When I finish a book I don’t feel much other than a sense of satisfaction because I’m usually already working on my next book and am caught up in the new project. For example, right now I’m 40,000 words into a new book that I started on 1 April and I just completed line edits on my second published book, AND I’m already thinking about my next project.

CINDY: That’s terrific, Lynn! Awesome cover by the way. What genre is Bent Boot Road?  Tell us a little about it.
LYNN:   It is a contemporary romance, set in 1991 in southwest Ohio. I set it in the nineties because I didn’t want my characters to have access to the technology we take for granted today and I wanted to listen to the music of my misspent youth as inspiration! I chose Ohio because that’s where I’m from, and the heroine works in a museum like I did. So there’s a lot of myself in this book.

CINDY: What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?  What part do you dislike?
LYNN:   The dislike part is easy; editing! I am so much not a grammar person. I love words but I don’t have the eye for detail in punctuation that editors do. I like facing that blank screen and knowing that I will create something, make the story go from point A to B, make characters suffer and feel joy. It’s a rush.

CINDY: I can relate on both counts. What motivated you to write Bent Boot Road?
LYNN:   Dialogue. My two main characters kept having these snarky conversations and I had to write them down.  Then I had to figure out a story to fit them into.

CINDY:  A lot of authors listen to music while they write.  Do you?  Do you have any rituals you do before, after or during writing?
LYNN:   Yes, I love to listen to music when I write, but nothing with lyrics because they distract me. I like classical, movie scores, and lately I have been listening to modern jazz too. Anything moody or dreamy gets me to my happy place. Right now I’m listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s In A Time Lapse and the soundtrack to The English Patient. I don’t have any rituals other than booting up the computer and reviewing what I had written the day before. Other than that I just go.

CINDY: If you could write yourself into one of your books what kind of character would you be? (e.g. the heroine, the best friend, the antagonist, strong, funny, supportive, etc.)
LYNN:   Oh, I’m the heroine. I’m already the heroine of my own real-life story, so I’d still be one in whatever book I put myself into. Although I don’t suppose it could be a romance because my husband would object if I fell for someone else! It would probably be a thriller with some car chases and witty dialogue.

CINDY:  Just include hubby right in that romance, Lynn. (lol) How much research do you do for one of your books?  How much of your book is fact, and how much is fiction?
LYNN:   My contemporary books are very factual. I don’t write about situations, professions, or places I don’t know very well from first-hand experience. I do minor research on the fly for the most part, like verifying mileages or titles of songs. The characters and plots are entirely fictional. I don’t base any of my characters on anyone I know. That wouldn’t be much fun!

CINDY: What has writing a book taught you about yourself?
LYNN:   Writing has taught me that the more I draw from my creative well, the more I have to offer. When I finished my first book I wondered if that would be it, but another story just started to percolate in my mind and I wrote that one too. And it has been one after the other ever since.

CINDY: It’s it amazing how that works? What do you want your readers to gain from reading one of your books?
LYNN:   I’d love it if they were entertained for a few hours while reading it, and finished it feeling like they had experienced a nice respite from the cares and worries of real life.

CINDY:  Do you have any plans for another book?  Can you give us any details?
LYNN:   Goodness yes! My second book, Return, is due this fall from Musa Publishing. I have written several science fiction romances and hope to get them published, probably under another pen name. I have a couple of contemporaries that need polishing and they will be ready to send out as soon as I have time. Right now I am finishing the first draft of a sci-fi romance set on a jungle planet that is being exploited for a chemical compound that acts as a pleasure drug. It’s sort of a Wild West gold rush in space! My hero is a grumpy cartographer and my heroine is the person responsible for coordinating the arrivals and supplies of all these new settlers. It’s been great fun to write and I just stopped at the first love scene so I have that to look forward to tomorrow.

CINDY:  How can readers find out more about you and your books? Do you have a website?  Where can they buy your books?
LYNN:   Sure, my website is and my book Bent Boot Road is available on:
Sweet Cravings Publishing:
Barnes and Noble:
All Romance Ebooks:

Lynn, thanks for stopping by.  Drop by and tell us about your favorite breed of dog.

Everyone, please feel free to ask Lynn questions and leave comments.

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