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Writing a Review the Right Way

I’m writing, but if readers are not reading…
And reviewers are not reviewing…
Then my words will never be heard.
That’s because almost 30% of people choose their next book by the recommendation of fellow readers on online message forums, blogs and message boards. Interestingly, only 4% of readers take the word of close personal friends or family. 1

The problem is that most readers who love a book will not write a review. Michael Alvear in his book, Make a Killing on Kindle, demonstrates the percentage of reviews with Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, one of the most reviewed books on Amazon. It has received around 6,000 reviews! But, when you take into account that there has been millions and millions of copies sold, the percentage comes to around .0002% of readers who left reviews.2

The best way you can show your appreciation of an author's work is to leave a review. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Just let other readers know how it made you feel. That alone will indicate to other potential readers that the book is worth their time and money.

If you are feeling insecure about writing a book review, follow this format:
·         Write a brief synopsis
·         Suggest the basic theme
·         Give your opinion about their writing style
·         Give your recommendation on who should read the book
·         Express how the book made you feel
·         Summarize your view

Too much? That's okay. Just include one or two of the suggestions. Pick out what is easiest for you to write. It doesn't have to be difficult.

Amazon is trying to make reviews easier for their customers. They now have an option at the end of the book called—Before You Go. This gives readers the option of rating the book right when you finish. The review can then be shared on social sites instantly. The problem is, it is on the very last page. The reader will have to page through all the author information, other author samples, book club pages, etc. to get to that last page. Still, it is a helpful if the reader is aware that it’s there.

So here's a couple of examples of a well written review:

Love on Laird Avenue: Entertaining and Heart-warming
I very much enjoyed reading this humorous tale of a couple bringing their own challenges together to become the source of frustration, problem solution, caring, and love for each other in the face of seemingly unending adversity. [BASIC THEME]  The characters are so well developed that I was certain I knew people just like them all.  That personal identification seemed to bring me into the story. [WRITING STYLE]  I found myself craving more each time I had to put it down to tend to other matters at hand. [HOW MADE YOU FEEL]  The research also brought validity to the setting and the circumstances involved.  It is a very entertaining, heartwarming story. [SUMMARIZE]
5 Star Review - Gary F.

Caskets and Corruptions:  Don't Miss This Story
Fun, fresh and exciting, Caskets and Corruptions was a delightful read. It has a great blend of both suspense and comedic elements that keeps the story upbeat and fast paced. [HOW IT MADE YOU FEEL] 

The heroine Lizzie, gets caught up in a mess when she storms in to confront her sister's ex boss. I bet she's sorry about that, at least at first, when she comes in at a time things start to get a little strange around there.

Phillip is mysterious, and intriguing, even despite his grumpy personality in the beginning. But his demeanor changes during the book. Throwing him in an adventure with the beautiful Lizzie is bound to do that. [SUGGEST BASIC THEME/STORY]

This was a great book to read, and I enjoyed it. I love the witty and great dialogue the author throws in and the plot is filled with excitement, and plenty of twists. [OPINION OF WRITING STYLE.] If you're a fan of contemporary suspense that has potential to leave a smile on your face, then don't miss this story! [RECOMMEND WHO SHOULD READ]
4 Star Review - Seriously Reviewed

Hope this has helped you feel more comfortable with writing reviews the right way.

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