Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making Life Count

I wanted to share my trip to Friends In Need Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Eagle Mountain, Utah.  I must say, I was very happy to have made it there this year with current health problems, deadlines, and my son's impending surgery.

Instead of just taking produce from our own garden, I stopped by a farmer's market here in West Jordan and asked if they would be willing to donate old produce to help the animals, and they were more than happy to do it. My thanks to Anna at Rohas Farms, LLC.  They have three locations in the valley—West Jordan, South Jordan, and West Valley City.

I, my husband, youngest son, and his friend, went over to the farm and filled our Dodge pickup truck completely full. The next day, I drove the hour drive to Eagle Mountain and the boys and I unloaded.  It didn’t go unnoticed by me that the hay barn isn't full, and I know the produce won't last them the whole winter. But, it felt good to be a part of something bigger than myself. Thanks to my loyal readers, I also gave them a check. I'll keep writing and donating a portion of my proceeds to help them, especially the dogs.

As the weather changes to freezing, think of how you might help these animals or animals near you.  After Halloween is a great time to ask for donations from road-side markets.  The squash and pumpkins can be stored and feed over time too.

Here’s what Karen O'Donnell, the owner, had to say:  "Thank you so much for everything, Cindy! It's sort of been like Christmas for the animals!!"

Below are some photos for you to enjoy.  Mind you, this is not all of the animals Kim and Karen have rescued and are taking care of.  It just fills your heart to know that there are such good people in the world.

Purchasing my books directly from my publisher allows me to donate more to these wonderful animals.

(My publisher has the following ereader formats: epub, html, lit, mobi, pdf.)  

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