Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jumping on the Thanksgiving Train


     Man, everyone is either tweeting, posting or blogging what they are thankful for this month. Guess I better join in.  Things have been a little challenging for me lately, so I’m really gonna have to put on my thinking cap. Here goes:

Top 10 Things I’m Personally Thankful For

Indoor plumbing
Flushing toilets
Toilet paper
Air fresheners
Bathroom fans
Toilet brushes
Flushable cleansing cloths
Anti-diarrhea medications
Stool softeners
Poo Pourri toilet Deodorizer

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For as a Writer

Word processor
Spell correction
Grammar assistance
Sales on printer ink/paper
Handsome computer tech guy who makes house calls
Characters I can control (sometimes)
Dog characters that don’t fight
Kid characters that don’t argue
Xanax and/or Valium
That I still have a sense of humor

     Sometimes it's hard to see all that we should be grateful for on a daily basis. Thank heavens, we have this beautiful time of year to stop and catch our breath and count our many blessings.

Cindy A. Christiansen
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