Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Honestly, What am I Giving?

Jiffy and Santa

I’m sure we all wonder this at times: What impact am I having in the vast world? I do that with my writing. Of course, I write to escape a host of health issues, the frustrations of living in a household with children on the Autism Spectrum, and for the pure joy writing brings me.

I have also dedicated my writing to help abused and abandoned dogs. As you may know, a very special rescue Fox terrier named Jiffy helped me through the most difficult time of my bed-ridden illness. I’m sure the organizations that I donate to wish I was a little more successful at my writing. (lol) However, it’s tough competing with hundreds, even thousands, of free books every day.

Still, I ponder at this season of giving about whether I make a difference in your life or anyone else’s. Yes, my books are fiction. Yes, my books are sweet romance. Yes, I try to make them fun and enjoyable. But, do they make a positive difference in your life, your week, your day?

So for the month of December, please leave a comment with your name and email, telling me how reading one of my books has affected your life in a positive way. I will give away an ecopy or two of my books just before Christmas to someone leaving a comment. You get to choose which one of my ebooks you get for free!

Have a wonderful, healthy, safe, peaceful holiday season!

PS:  During this giving season, don't forget about animals.  Donate to your favorite organization or mine -- Friends In Need Animal Sanctuary.

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