Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It’s a New Day… It’s a New Life…

Well, it’s a new year anyway, and I’ve decided to make some changes. I’ve streamlined my website and done away with all those pages to have to update, I’m changing the way I blog, and I’m going to focus on writing more and promoting less.

Can’t you just hear Michael Bublé singing, Feeling Good?

Dragonfly out in the sun
You know what I mean
Butterflies all havin' fun
You know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That's what I mean
And this old world is a new world
And a bold world, For me, for me…

And I know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life!

I keep hoping that life will get less challenging but 2013 proved me wrong. My husband was out of work for five months and home every day. Then I was tied up with my dog Callie’s surgery. After that my oldest son injured his knee and is still convalescing. He has been home for the last five months. (Big sigh.)

Already in this new year, we are facing a rigorous medical schedule for 3 out of 4 in our family and also Callie’s newly diagnosed renal failure. I think it’s time to cutback and make life easier.  What do you think?

I love connecting on Facebook and other social media sites about my personal life and my writing, so I wanted to somehow bring that to my blog and connect with more friends. Although I will be posting my normal blogs and author interviews, I will also do short snippets to keep us more connected and up-to-date:

Personal Prose

Recent Reviews

Noteworthy News

Look for these pics to keep up-to-date and always feel that you can post comments and email me at:

Here’s looking forward to a hearty, healthy, happy year!

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