Friday, January 10, 2014


Hunting for Happenstance:
 A Merchant Street Mystery Book 2!

available now through
Sweet Cravings Publishing!

(Available through third-party distributors in one week.)

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About the book: This book is a contemporary sweet (clean) romantic suspense suitable for young adults and up. It is a mystery under the definition of: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain and not a mystery novel with clues.

Blurb:  High-spirited Daniela Estrada is tired of waiting for life and love to come to her in her poppa’s butcher shop. She wants to open her own doggie grooming business on Merchant Street and get practical Duston “Buck” Cooper, who owns the Bird Dog Gun Shop, to step out of his shell and ask her out.

Instead, while her Uncle Benito is deer hunting, he ends up missing and the area is swarming with aggressive black bears which holds up the search party. Duston and his dog, Ruger, have helped the police on other cases, and he is training a Karelian Bear dog. Will he help Daniela find her uncle?

Duston adores Daniela but secrets about his brother prevent him from getting close to anyone. He believes that if something is meant to be, it will just happen. Is Daniela’s missing uncle just the shot in the dark the two need to find love and happiness?  

5 Star Review: "In her next book for the Merchant Street series, the author Cindy Christiansen, weaves a mystery filled with knowledge which provides the reader with facts not fluff on a variety of subjects.  The very likeable characters, Daniela and Buck, must work together to find Daniela's missing uncle.  As the search progresses, each one strives to overcome personal issues in order to find their "happily ever after" which culminates amidst the warmth of family and friends at the town's yearly gathering.  Several aspects of the book that I particularly enjoyed were Daniela's high-spirited nature, the portrayal of a close-knit family and community, the familiarity of characters from previous novels in the series, and the author's inclusion of factual information, all of which contributed greatly to my enjoyment of this novel." D. Anderson

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