Monday, January 6, 2014

Personal Prose: An Unusual Experience

Never got the chance to tell you the unusual experience we had over Christmas break.

My husband and I had traveled to collect presents for a needy family just before Christmas.  It was a cold, dark night, but the roads were clear.  We were travelling along Bangerter Highway, which has dedicated left-hand turn lanes with a barricade separating the turn-lane from the ongoing and oncoming traffic.

A man in a green SUV was moving slower than the traffic speed, and he kept swearing into our lane.  No telling what his problem was, but we assumed he must have been drinking.  We tried to stay back but with his slow speed and ours, we were blocking lanes.  With the snow piled along the side of the road, pulling over was an impossibility.  Everyone else was trying to pass and get away from him.  I told my husband that Judge Judy had said that was not the thing to do in a court case where the drunk driver then rear-ended the plaintiff.

After continuing to swerve into our lane, we followed suit and sped up anyway.  Apprehension filled me, and I kept stealing a look behind us.  After two lights, my husband maneuvered over into the dedicated left-hand turn lane. We both gave a sigh of relief, but low and behold, the man in the SUV pulled incredibly close behind us.

My pulse skyrocketed.  Although pedestrians, two of my family members were hit by drunk drivers on Christmas Eve.  You could say I was a bit panicked, but would you blame me? I said a prayer to keep us safe.

The light changed and we moved forward: us and the SUV were the only ones there.  I suggested we move over into the other lane since he was right behind us.  My husband did.  When we looked back, the headlights had disappeared.  Where did he go?  He couldn't have run off the road.  We still would have seen his headlights or shadow.  He couldn't have pulled back into the traffic because of the barricade.  He couldn't have turned around that quickly either.

What happened to the SUV?  Was it a little Christmas miracle in the making?  My heart tells me so.

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