Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Review: Hunting for Happenstance

HUNTING FOR HAPPENSTANCE by Cindy A. Christiansen is a mystery romance well done and interesting. I enjoyed the rugged feeling to the tale and the candid love story.

Daniela Estrada’s uncle had disappeared and she gets Duston Cooper, the gun shop owner, to take her on a trip that will have both of them out of breath and frustrated by the end. He is over Daniela because of the thought that he is like his brother who almost killed his ex-wife. Daniela is over the cold treatment she received from Duston and the thugs who have her uncle.

Will they find a way to become that which both want or will their dreams never come to pass?

One again, Cindy A. Christiansen has included dogs in her book and, once again, they have a heroes part in this great tale. It is fun to learn more about different breeds of four-legged companions and the love their human companions have for them.

HUNTING FOR HAPPENSTANCE is a very clean romance that will keep you turning the pages to the end.

~Anna Del C. Dye

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