Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love and a Different Perspective

Having two autistic children and a dog with a mental disability, this video really touched me.

We'll talk after you watch it.

The part about trying to "make" Ricochet something she wasn't really hit home.

It's sad that we try to make everyone fit into preconceived boxes.

I'm thankful for the special needs schooling my children received, but I really didn't see them trying to teach in ways my children needed to learn.  It was all pretty much the same old way with the statement that that's how it is.

I loved that this trainer saw Ricochet's strengths and potential and focused on what she could do!

How awesome is that?

It's difficult.  I know.
It's hard to look at things differently from how you see them or how you learn.

I know that although I could never go through what my oldest son is going through right now, it's what he needs and how he needs to learn some of the things we have tried to teach him even though it wasn't in a way he understood.

My hat is off to all those who look beyond disabilities, animal or human, see possibilities and teach with compassion, understanding, and a different perspective.

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