Monday, June 30, 2014

The Old Gray Mare… She Ain’t What She Used to Be

As the song goes, “She ain’t what she used to be.”  I’m not really talking about the old gray mare but about having a glamour photo taken.

Years ago, I had a session for a magazine cover.  Hours were spent with a team who pampered me, doing my makeup just perfect, styling my hair, adding fancy jewelry and sparkling gold lace.  But, it was the excitement of the staff, the careful attention to details, the pampering, and the sweet compliments they gave me that made me feel beautiful.  When I look at the photo today I still see my beauty shining through.  It’s something I will never forget…a special time just for me.

So recently I decided I needed to update my social media image and, in truth, wanted to experience a bit of pampering.  I booked my appointment but had to cancel due to illness.  About a month later the company was running a special, but they wouldn’t give me that price because they had already pre-charged my credit card.  I don’t know about you, but there’s something disappointing about paying double what everyone else is paying.  With a no refunds policy and the fact that I really wanted some pampering, I bull-headed forward.

I arrived with clean but un-styled hair, several blouse choices, and my mascara.  The makeup room had been left in a mess and the stylist/photographer started to complain.  She spent little time on my makeup and made me decide on color choices which I had hoped she would do.  When I looked close-up in the mirror, my lipstick was smudged and crooked and there were several black hairs from her makeup brush scattered on my face.  I tried to fix it while she was chatting on the phone.

The stylist thought my hair was done and appeared irritated that she had to do it.  I received none of the flattery I had on my previous glamour shoot.  Yeah, I’m older, more wrinkled with drooping skin, but I really longed to feel glamorous.  I’m smart enough to know I’m no young beauty, but I still would have enjoyed the fantasy…a moment of make believe.

There were no adornments, no fussing with pretty jewelry or sparkly lace wraps and certainly no staff rushing in to say how beautiful I looked.  It wasn’t surprising when the photographer said, “You don’t like to smile, do you?”

It’s no wonder my posture was hunched, I had no sparkle in my eyes, and my lips were slightly pinched.  Or, that I had a hard time picking out a photo I liked when my heart was heavy with disappointment.

Of course “she ain’t what she used to be” doesn’t just apply to portrait sessions these days.  I think not only businesses but we as individuals have lost a bit of the glamorous niceties we once shared with each other that helped us through our struggles and helped us connect with each other.  We’ve forgotten how to give compliments, accept them graciously, and make others feel special and important.

So from me to you I’d like to say…
You are a wonderful, special being who has touched my life and filled it with joy. Your beautiful spirit shines through and touches all those around you. Thank you is so little to say for the kindness you’ve shown in supporting me and continuing to stay in touch.  May all your days be filled with happiness, peace and love.

The old gray mare might not be what she used to be, but it is up to each of us to spread happiness wherever we go.

Cindy A. Christiansen
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  1. Wow. Remind me not to go THERE. I didn't even know Glamour Shots still existed. I always wanted to have that done. Maybe someday--but not at the place you went. Just sayin'.
    BTW, is this the photo you were asking us to vote on? If so, it appears they did a wonderful job. Or maybe it was just your special inner radiance shining through--despite the hassle.

  2. Hi Susan. The studio I had the pictures taken at was not called Glamour Shots. And, yes, they were the pics I posted on FB. Thanks for the compliment. :)


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