Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Maybe you've already seen Frostie the goat's inspirational story.

Stories like this amaze me, especially because I have a son, Sparky, who deals with Autism, Anxiety Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Depression, and through his life, he has generally had a defeatist attitude. He is always saying, "Okay. That's it.  I'm done."

I don’t know why that type of outlook is so hard for me to accept. I know we are all different.  I guess because living with multiple health problems and chronic pain since I was in my twenties has taught me how to be a fighter.  I grew up on a farm watching animals struggle to survive just like Frostie.  I watched plants fight to break through the hardened soil. My dad taught me early that you had to fight to survive, and I guess I expected Sparky to learn by my example.  Instead as I have posted before on my blog in A Life Without Osmosis:Which one is a dog? Sparky doesn’t learn like that, and he just won’t help himself.

At the age of eighteen when he was in the hospital with pneumonia, the doctors and nurses kept telling him to take deep breathes and cough to clear his lungs.  He wouldn’t do it.  He told them he would rather die.  And, he meant it. They finally had to bring in special NASA equipment that caused his lungs to drain.

He has had sleep studies and had it explained over and over again by doctors, friends, and even strangers the importance of wearing his CPAP machine.  He has been told he is losing brain cells and causing permanent damage, and he still won’t wear it.

And although he wants to be a diesel mechanic and told how important physical therapy was after his knee surgery, he wouldn’t do that either.  No amount of explaining, showing, or bribing by multiple people would cause him to follow through with his therapy.  He would lie about doing it.

I guess that’s why any image of a plant growing up in the center of rock or some harsh condition amazes me.  It’s why any animal or person who pushes through any kind of hardship or disability is a hero to me.  How can you teach that?  How can you give a sense of determination to your child?  How can you make them a fighter?

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