Friday, August 22, 2014

Tell Me It's Not A Chihuahua!

When we rescued Chloe, her paperwork said she was a Tibetan terrier mix. She was in a kennel with three Chihuahuas, and she only weighed six pounds at nine months old.  The Humane Society told us she came from the streets of Los Angeles and had been on the euthanasia list.

Our family teased about taking her back within the thirty day period if she was part Chihuahua.  Of course, we wouldn't do that, but it has been fun teasing her about it.

Chloe has been quite difficult to train.  Although we have worked extensively with her to "come", she runs from everybody. The other day, she was asleep on the couch and a commercial came on with a Chihuahua in it.  I said something in Spanish and her head popped up. We all started laughing, thinking she understands Spanish better than English.

After that, my youngest son sent me the video below about Chihuahuas.  It is really cute and the tune seems to stick in your head.

Have a wonderful, fun weekend!

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  1. Just so you know, I've stopped by your blog twice now to watch that little video. And uh, I may have been gifted with a blue merle chihuahua back in February who is still only 4 pounds.

  2. How about posting a pic on FB for me? I just love dogs!
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