Monday, September 22, 2014

The Stabbing

A number of years ago, a friend of mine got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) and his liver was severely attacked. Since I had ended up in the hospital with an enlarged liver and spleen and CFIDS as well, Tom suggested I have a liver biopsy.

I scheduled an appointment with his doctor, and the doctor scheduled the test. The staff clarified the procedure, explained the liver has no feeling and therefore we could just use a local anesthetic, and then they showed me the instrument used to take out a small core of the liver. It was similar to an apple corer, but only 2-3 cm in diameter and much longer.

I laid on the cold surgical table, anxious but not too concerned. After all, it was a procedure, not surgery.

“Are we ready?” the doctor asked.

The nurse nodded and handed him the tool. He raised it in his fist and plunged it hard into my chest just below the breast bone. With a quick intake of breath, my eyes flew open and so did my mouth. I couldn’t speak. My body stiffened, and I clutched the sheet in both hands at my sides. Choking out a sob, I stared at the doctor.

For a moment, I was transformed to a dark alley with a mugger thrusting a knife into my chest. So this is what it is like to be stabbed. Blood must be gushing from the wound. Pain radiated from my chest outward. The violence of the stabbing left me paralyzed.

“You…you…stabbed me,” I said, letting out a strained whimper.

“Doctor, she’s gone into shock,” the nurse stated.

Ya think? My heart hammered uncontrollably in my chest. I felt about to fall off the table with dizziness. I couldn’t catch my breath. Of course, I knew I wasn’t in that alley, and I couldn’t see any blood pouring from my body. But, the shock of the doctor thrusting that instrument into my chest, threw me into shock, not to mention, agony. Who said organs have no pain sensors?

The doctor looked at me in confusion. “That didn’t hurt.”

I wanted to belt him right in the mouth. “Yes, it did.”

“The liver has no nervous system.”

“Give me a knife and I’ll prove it,” I said.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that. I’m assuming the nurse gave me something through my I.V. to calm me down. To this day, you’ll never convince me that organs can’t feel pain…joy…or any other emotion. If you’ve lived long at all, you know the heart can definitely feel pain. Believe me, so can your other organs.

Symptoms, then are in reality nothing but the cry from suffering organs. ~Jean-Martin Charcot, translated from French

No man is a good doctor who has never been sick himself. ~Chinese Proverb

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  1. From Jane- I can't imagine that NOT hurting.

  2. How can a doctor honestly say that it wouldn't hurt? People get heart pain, appendicitis pain, etc. Yeah, don't you believe it. Thanks for commenting, Jane.


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