Monday, December 22, 2014

If You Ain't Giving, You Ain't Living!

Through the years, I have worked to teach my boys the importance of giving to others. It is especially hard with my oldest son who is autistic and still lives a child-like existence of believing the world revolves around him. Still, I refuse to give up.

Each year we sit down and plan a giving event. We discuss the importance of giving, about the Savior, all that Heavenly Father has given us, and what fun way we can help others. Of course, there are many charities of which we could donate. But in teaching the importance of giving and having my boys feel that special feeling inside, mailing a check off to an organization just doesn't quite do it for us. It would be easier, but less meaningful.

Giving of our time to teach our children the importance of giving and also giving of our time to do so is just as important as the actual act.

One year, we ran across a book called ChristmasJars by Jason F. Wright. It's under $5.00. Without giving away the story, you collect all your pocket change in a jar and give it to someone in need. The story is very touching.

In order to help my sons understand that Christmas is not about getting all the toys they want, we chose a family that they knew so that it would be very meaningful. We each gathered our loose change around the house, and it quickly filled a mason jar. 

Along with a copy of the book, we drove to the family's home and the boys sneaked up to the door, rang the bell, raced back to the car, and we took off, laughing all the way. They were so excited and really felt the spirit of giving because it was on a level they could understand.

We heard through the grapevine just how much this act of kindness meant to the family. We also found out that they did it for another family the next year when times were better for them.

Make giving a part of your holiday season and part of your legacy to your children.

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