Monday, January 12, 2015

I’m Not Superstitious! (Knock on Wood.)

We were at an antique mall in West Valley City when this sterling silver dragonfly brooch with an amber stone caught my eye. The reason happened to be my love of dragonflies because I hardly ever wear jewelry and especially not a brooch.

I commented on how beautiful it was and the clerk told me the price. Way too much for me to spend on something I would never wear. My friend and I left, and I had this funny feeling I was forgetting something. We stood by the car as I checked all my paraphernalia. Suddenly, the brooch came to mind.

I laughed. “I’m thinking about that dragonfly.”  I hesitantly opened the car door. “Let’s go.”

“Why don’t you get it?” my friend said.

“What would I do with it?” I wet my lips.

“You don’t have to wear it.”

“If I buy it, I’m wearing it.”

If I buy it… What a ridiculous thought. We climbed in the car and started to leave the parking lot. I had this horrible feeling I was making a huge mistake in leaving the dragonfly behind.

“Wait!” I cried, my hand fluttering to my lips.

My friend pulled up to the door. “Buy it. You haven’t bought anything all day.”

I rushed back in the store, terrified that someone might have bought it before I could get back to it. The dragonfly sat pleasantly in the center of the locked display case. I swallowed hard and pulled out my credit card. Wrapped in tissue, I carried the brooch out to the car and got it. I felt such relief. It belonged to me.

We headed to the next antique mall on our outing. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dragonfly. I carefully unwrapped and admired it until we got to our next destination.

“Put it on,” my friend suggested.

“Where else I am going to wear something like this?”  I fastened the pin securely and we headed inside.

As my friend bought some antique cookie cutters, the owner stared at the dragonfly.

“Isn’t that lovely,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said, beaming. “I just bought it.” Yet, I felt a tightening in my chest as a reached up to check on it fastened to my coat.

We continued to talk about it until my friend’s purchase was final and then we left for the next antique mall. It had been a wonderful day. I felt giddy as we were finally headed home. I looked down and the brooch had flown the coop!

 My friend pulled over and we ripped the car a part looking for it. We headed back to every mall, looked down every aisle, checked with every clerk. Nothing! It was gone! In just a few short hours, I had fallen in love with a brooch and lost it. This was so unlike me. I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t calm my beating heart. I left my name and number with everyone in hopes of getting it back. I spent each day in agony.

One month went by…

Two months went by...

I gave up hope.

One day, I headed for the door to run a few errands and the phone rang. Reluctantly, I came back to the desk to answer. “Hello?”

“Hello. Is this Cindy?” a woman asked.


“I think I’ve found your dragonfly brooch. I work at Vine Street Antiques.”

“Where did you find it?” I asked in amazement.

“In the parking lot.”

After two months? Freaky! I immediately drove to the shop, not believing it could possibly be my brooch. She handed me my dirty dragonfly with a flattened pin on the back. Yeah, it had been driven over a few times, but it was alive. Extraordinary! I thanked her profusely and ended up taking it to a jeweler for repair. With a sigh of relief, I brought it home.

Since “fly into a good book” is my tagline, I decided to wear the brooch to an annual writers’ conference. I clipped the new pin securely in place and headed out of my room to the elevator to head down for the first day of meetings and fun. Low and behold, the dragonfly flew off my jacket and right down the narrow space between the floor and the elevator. I swear it flew! It didn’t drop down as I walked over the opening. It flew off about two feet in front of me to reach the narrow opening between floors.

Shakily, I rode the elevator down to the main floor and told the desk clerk what had happened. I knew there was little chance of getting the brooch back. I was beginning to wonder why it kept calling to me that first day when it didn’t really want to stay with me. About two hours later, a maintenance worker brought me the dragonfly. He had found it on a ledge between floors! It was dinged and bent up but still intact. Totally amazing!

The maintenance worker pinned it on me and all of the people at the conference cheered. I nervously wore it for the rest of the day, checking it constantly to see if it was still there. When I got back to my room I packed it away in my luggage for the rest of the conference.

The next time I wore it was for a book signing. It managed not to fly away this time. I came home, put my clothes in the laundry, and started the wash. The next time I saw my dragonfly, it was flying around the clothes dryer…in two pieces!

I’ve never had this much frustration with any piece of jewelry in my life!

I took it to the jeweler…again…and had it repaired. It has remained in my jewelry box ever since. I can’t get rid of it. I can’t wear it. I feel completely attached to the brooch but also frightened of it.

You can’t tell me there isn’t history behind this antique dragonfly brooch. I am not superstitious but, if only dragonflies could talk…

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep it trapped in my jewelry door or whether I should let it fly.

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  1. Amazing story. It's as though the brooch is haunted. No, forget I said that.

    1. Lots of laughs, Nancy! I know. It even freaked me out getting it out to take the picture. :)


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