Monday, April 25, 2016

A Little Bit of Hope

I've done it all. At least the stuff I dared try--traditional medication, alternative medication, specialized diets, supplements, non-traditional treatments. Living with five auto-immune illnesses has made me desperate at times for relief from pain. The biggest issue: inflammation.

Can I take anti-inflammatory medication? No.

Recently the pain has become overwhelming. Since my primary care doctor usually just checks my A1c, refills prescriptions and tells me she wishes she could do more for me, I decided to see a new doctor. I owe all the credit to a wonderful friend. I'm not good about going to new doctors since they have led me down the path to ill health through medical misdiagnoses and radical treatments.

This new doctor immediately said my problem was inflammation. She wrote the name of a medication on a piece of paper and told me to research it. That was all--no prescription, no blood work, no tests. I went home and googled the medication. I was astounded! Why hadn't I heard of this medication before? Why haven't doctors recommended it to me in the last 30 years? Why aren't people with auto-immune illnesses talking about it on social media?

Maybe I'm jumping the gun by posting before I've had a chance to see how it works for me, but I've learned that whether it works for me or not, it might work for you.

Here's hoping it helps you or someone you know.


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