Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our House Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house…now. It wasn’t when we bought it. Why can a house, a piece of property, a vision of what could be, draw you so much that you are willing to do and pay anything to have it?

Our house was still occupied by a family, so when we went to inspect it, six kids and their mother followed us from room to room. In all the other empty houses, we examined every drawer, closet and tub. In this house, we just walked through without really looking. Still, we loved it. We loved the neighborhood. Something just drew both of us to this house.

We made an offer and the home owners turned it down. They didn’t even counter. We moved on and continued to look for another six months. Every home was compared to “our” house. It hadn’t been sold, so we made another offer. They countered and said that was as low as they would go. It was more than the market value. We weren’t thrilled, but we didn’t want to pass it up.

Finally, the day arrived when it became our home!

The first thing we noticed when we walked in was the smell. Something dead, all right. (They had had a pot of potpourri simmering on the stove the day we walked through.) The awful smell continued to grow…and grow. I pulled out a kitchen drawer and it fell to pieces on the floor. As I pulled the next one out, it fell too. Every single drawer in the house, kitchen and bathrooms, were all broken. I pulled back the shower curtain to check the tub and shower. No shower! Then, why the curtain? All the posters and paintings had been taken down and there were fist-sized holes in practically every wall. Some of the art had covered permanent marker drawings. The heat vents were filled with trash, melted candy bars and even money.

I took several deep breaths tried to remain calm. That is until my husband cut out the bottom of the cupboard under the kitchen sink to investigate the smell. It was filled to the brim with dead mice in various stages of decay! As he was cutting out the bottom, he noticed the countertop around the sink was about to collapse. Termites had eaten the particle board. When we removed the countertop, we found dead mice on top of the dishwasher. The carpets were also infested with termites and bugs. Ick!

The stove and oven was so coated in grease that I couldn’t get it scrubbed clean. When my father took it a part, he found dead mice all over inside, and they had eaten the plastic casing off the wiring! Have a grossed you out yet? Believe me, the memory still turns my stomach.

Our nightmare didn’t end there. There were many more things wrong with our house. I’m pretty sure everything inside and out has been redone more than once. Do we regret buying it?

Surprisingly, no. Our house is a very, very, very fine house, and we are both so grateful to live here. We will be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary this fall and the time that we have been living and loving our home.

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  1. You didn't get a home inspection prior to closing escrow? A competent realtor would have insisted upon this. Then you would not have had to repair so much. Add those expenses to the price of the house...but if you love it, that's what matters.


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