Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Devil Made Me Do It!

My mom was an angel! The devil must have made her do it, because she was the kindest, most giving woman you could ever met. She was the one who taught me to keep my words “soft and sweet.” She also scolded me and my siblings for using the word hate. She taught us that hate is a very powerful word, and we should never hate anyone or anything.

Maurice Chevalier

That brings us to Maurice Chevalier (pronounced shə-ˈval-ˌyā\). No, that’s not a jump. He was an old-time French actor and cabaret singer born in 1888 and died the day after my mom cursed him to death. I’m not kidding. On December 31, 1971, we were flipping TV stations and the 1958 movie Gigi came on and he was singing, Thank Heaven for Little Girls. Mom said, “I just hate that old so-and-so. I wish he’d die.”

And, he did!  The very next day.

I don’t know if I was more surprised that she used the word hate, or that she swore, or that Maurice died. I asked her at the time why she disliked him so much, and she would never explain. Looking at his history, I wonder if it was because of the way he acted toward younger women, his affiliation with the communist party and the Nazis, or his ban from the U.S. for signing the Stockholm Appeal. I’ll never know the answer, but I do remember her upset the next day when he really did die. My mom truly wouldn’t have wished that on anyone. The devil must have made her do it.

So you know that this experience had a huge impact on me because I was around ten-years-old at the time and still remember it. Did it stop me from doing the same thing? Actually, it didn’t. After years of health issues due to doctors’ mistakes, there have been four particular doctors I have cursed--two of them lost their jobs; two of them died. I did feel a little guilty when I heard the news, but I must say, I didn’t feel as bad as Mom about poor Maurice, and I can’t say the devil made me do it.

Just remember when you are dealing with me, you don’t want me to put a hex on you. LOL

Do you believe in such powers? Do you believe in curses and voodoo and such? Leave me a comment, or I might just put a hex on you.

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Photo and information on Maurice Chevalier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Chevalier

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