Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekend Fun Post: Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Chloe, Foxy, Lilly Belle

 Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Father's Day is a much bigger holiday than Mother's Day with all men in the house. They can relate to each other better and toy tractors and manly tools can be passed on as Father's Day gifts much better to Dad than to Mom. :)

We had a "guy" thing happen just this week. I picked up my oldest son and offered to pay him for mowing the lawn to give my husband a break. Nice of me, right? I went out and did the weed eatering and fertilizing right along with him. It took us both two solid hours. With my health problems, it set me back pretty bad.

My husband came home and said thanks to my oldest and what a wonderful job he did, nothing to me.

Okay, fine. I can take it. I'm an adult.

Then, my oldest needed a new gas can so I told my husband it would be nice to buy him one because he had worked really hard and did such a good job. So, my hubby was going for fuel anyway, so he stopped and bought him a $40.00 gas can. That's more than I was going to pay him for the lawn, but that's okay.

Hubby comes home, presents the gas can to oldest, oldest beams and says, "Thanks, Dad."

I am fixing dinner, thinking, Hello? Who am I in all of this?

But that's life in an all-male household.

My reward was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband, two new couches for the great room, and Mother's Day weekend to myself. (Well, practically. I still have to take care of the dogs.)

And speaking of couches... The video below is exactly what we are experiencing with our small dogs. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Awww, poor puppies but at least one of them made it. At least you finally got a Mother's Day gift. :)


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