Friday, September 9, 2016

Our New Griddle Cost Us $432.53!

For years, I have been trying to make a decent omelet. It only lead to stress and disappointment. It wasn't until I bought this new griddle that I mastered the kind of omelet I love. Yes, it cost us a lot of money, but it wasn't exactly the griddle's fault.

After another failed omelet made in a frying pan, I searched for knockoff restaurant recipes. That was a disaster!

Then as I was out with friends for brunch, I asked restaurant servers how their chefs made a good omelet. I got a few different answers. "Just use eggs." "Just add a little water." "Add a little pancake mix." "Never use milk."

I still failed. But, it made me more determined. Finally I got an answer that clicked. "Our chef makes them on a big griddle and pours it out thin and rolls it."

Lightbulb moment! I rushed to the Amazon site and purchased this wonderful ceramic griddle that is 10x18. The first omelet I made rolled up without breaking and tasted pretty good. It wasn't, however, as good as I had eaten out.

Now, I have to be honest. This wonderful Oster griddle only cost us $28.79, not $432.53. 

The problem was, we had no place to store it. So began the search for a new cabinet or cupboard. Our cabinets are specially-made knotty hickory with a golden finish and was done over fourteen years ago. I can't even remember the name of the cabinet maker, let alone know if he is still in business.

We searched for something completely different, but couldn't find anything we wanted. Then, we found this already made hickory cabinet with a natural finish at Home Depot. It's almost a perfect match!

We had to add all the trim; kickplate, back skin, crown moulding, outside corner and cove moulding, so it turned into quite a project. I love it, though!

It blends in well. I guess I get excited over silly things, but here is my new griddle nestled in our new storage cabinet. All the credit goes to my talented husband. He will probably think twice before agreeing to let me buy a new appliance again.

So, back to the omelet. I am on a very strict diet where I can only have protein, no carbs. Adding meat to an egg base means I've avoided bread. My doctor suggested lettuce wraps, but I can't handle lettuce since my gallbladder surgery. Omelets are working out nice. I've found that if I add a tablespoon of cream, not milk, to two eggs and whip them well, it makes it thick enough to rotate the mixture around on the griddle without spilling it and also makes it fluffy. 

I do it on the lowest heat, 275 degrees, add ham and cheese, let it melt a little and then roll it up. It tastes better than any omelet I have ordered out. It is my new favorite thing. My family loves them with onions and tomatoes added, unfortunately I can't eat those veggies.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with maybe one or two omelets to enjoy! And if you decide to buy a new griddle, I hope it doesn't cost you over $400.00.  :)

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