Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekend Fun Post: Wait Until You Watch This! Dog and Bunny Are Pals!

With November 8th coming upon us and all the negativity we've heard and watched, I thought it would be nice to show this video of how nicely this dog and bunny gets along.
No matter what the outcome of the election, what will be, will be.
We are all going to have to deal with it.
Is it worth the anger?
Is it worth losing friends and family over?
Is it worth causing yourself health problems?

After the results, our lives will go on.
Maybe it will be better than we think.
Maybe it will be worse.
But, we all still have options.
I'm putting my new senators and representatives on my contacts list in preparation of lots and lots of complaints.  LOL

Chill and have a wonderful weekend!

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Photo of voting dog copyright: adogslifephoto / 123RF Stock Photo

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