Monday, October 29, 2018

A Holiday Release: Hawk Mountain Heist!

Excited to share my latest novella release, Hawk Mountain Heist, on November 5, 2018! It is available now for pre-order for 99 cents.

Story-line: When easy-going Tanker Sutherland is jilted at the altar, he moves to Utah for a job on the ski patrol and to train a new avalanche rescue dog, Tobler. Tank is annoyed when he’s assigned to help a pretentious, well-to-do woman named Olivia find her brother instead of an official search and rescue. Never once did he dream it would involve criminal recyclers, kidnapping, an avalanche and serious danger.

Olivia is terrified of being buried alive, but it doesn’t stop her from going to the winter mountains during a huge storm to find her real estate developer brother when he doesn’t return her calls. Unfortunately, she’s assigned a ski patroller who doesn’t have his heart in the search.

Will Olivia and Tanker set their distrust aside long enough to rescue her brother from criminal recyclers?

Pre-order on: Amazon
Will be available from other distributors this week!

Just letting you know that all of my back titles of novellas will be made available for print purchase soon. Also, all of the books I write going forward will be novellas instead of full-length novels. I'm still donating to Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS) from proceeds of my books. 

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